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Cochran Firm Fraud v. Fairness for LA Homeowners

See "Edwina Davis video 1 of 10 - Cochran Firm Fraud" embedded below. Seven(7) links are in this article.
Beware! They are sending THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUDS to represent black foreclosed homeowners against Bank America. See an announcement from the office of Richard Alaracon - He asks Los Angeles to consider partnering with The "renowned" Cochran Firm in a lawsuit against banks that target minority communities with predatory loans. There is nothing renowned about The Cochran Firm - the law firm has zero to do with Johnnie Cochran. In fact, the firm's new owners fired or forced his attorneys out of the Los Angeles office immediately after Johnnie's death. Thank you, Shawn Chapman-Holley, former Cochran Firm attorney, for warning people about the fraud during your NPR interview at this link: -  RECALL ALARACON. He is obviously in The Cochran Firm fraud game against minorities across the nation. Following Alaracon's advice would subject minority Los Angeles homeowners to being defrauded like the Neals in Memphis, Jacksons in California, Andersons in Kentucky, survivors of Kathryn Johnston in Atlanta, Edwina Davis in Atlanta, Martinez (a Latino) in Florida, the Ramapough People in New Jersey, and many other minority clients who entrusted their justice quests to that that law firm in ERROR. The New Owners of The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm work for government entities and certain major corporations behind their clients' backs to prevent large payouts. 

Sometimes The Cochran Firm even pretends to file lawsuits on behalf of its clients, but it files nothing. That saves the government and large corporations from making ANY payouts whatsoever. I imagine The Cochran Firm frauds still get paid. Naturally the attorneys cannot do this on every case, or they would self-destruct. But clients never know until it is too late when a deal has been made on their cases. See THE COCHRAN FIRM DEFRAUDS NATIVE AMERICANS TO SAVE FORD  - That article has several examples of The Cochran Firm fraud. Search online periodically for " v. Cochran Cherry Givens Smith" to see how many more Cochran Firm fraud victims file suit against the unethical lawyers. There is a tremendous effort to keep clients' lawsuits against The Cochran Firm offline and prevent consumer complaints from being recorded, but some get published. Mainstream media refuses to report The Cochran Firm fraud. Judges sometimes wrongly dismiss clients' cases against The Cochran Firm by declaring the law firm "nonexistent to be sued." This happened to my family, the Neals. State bars, consumer protection agencies, and even the government work to help protect The Cochran Firm from its defrauded clients' lawsuits and prevent public disclosure. I am stalked and censored to prevent minorities from learning that the 1% has a law firm dedicated to keeping minorities from the 99% from having justice after deaths by police or when we suffer corporate wrongs, like the toxic waste dumping that killed and injured so many Ramapough People. Kudos to Kentucky Appellate Court for ruling in favor of the Andersons! Most courts play The Cochran Firm fraud game against minorities. I wrote to President Obama about it numerous times, but apparently, someone takes his mail. Therefore, I published OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT OBAMA FROM MARY NEAL online -  - Hopefully, something will be done about the frauds before The Cochran Firm betrays black California homeowners to save Bank America. 

I recently received my first complaint from someone who entrusted a criminal case to The Cochran Firm, and the lawyers "threw the fight." The same stalkers who prevent my publishing news about the SECRET ARREST AND WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL - - and my family's Cochran Firm fraud also censor my advocacy against mass incarceration. Therefore, I assume there are many defrauded clients across America who entrusted criminal cases to the frauds. I already found hundreds of defrauded clients in civil cases. Call me and let's talk about YOUR victimization by The Cochran Firm at (678) 531-0262. They usually have my phone programmed to prevent calls, but Edwina Davis got through. Yvonne Hickman got through. The victim who was defrauded in a criminal matter in Oklahoma got through. You must be persistent and ignore the false message saying my phone is disconnected. Call the police if they play that message. Be aware that phone stalkers steal messages from my voice mail and I do not get to hear them. Help save other minorities. Google "Cochran Firm Fraud." Although I am stalked online and in person, threatened, and censored (with law enforcement's blessings), I yet try to inform legal consumers about predatory lawyers at The Cochran Firm. It seems they particularly prey on black women, including our elders. The Cochran Firm has expanded its reach to white clients since having been placed over litigation teams for the BP Gulf Coast oil spill and faulty Johnson & Johnson DePuy implants. Watch out, white people!

Edwina Davis discusses her Cochran Firm fraud at the embedded video above, which is on YouTube at this link - . She went to The Cochran Firm along with a host of co-workers to file a racial discrimination complaint against TYCO International Corporation, alleging that the company's human resource department tolerated overt racism that included nooses being hung. The Cochran Firm told the group that they had no case once a white co-worker accepted responsibility for hanging the nooses and apologized (he was not fired according to Edwina's knowledge). However, Edwina's sexual harassment case was accepted. She had already filed suit as a pro se plaintiff against TYCO after getting no help from the EEOC, NAACP and others regarding her boss squeezing her breasts whenever she was near him. (You will find it nearly impossible to get legal help against New World Order companies.) Her Cochran Firm attorney, M. Pete, Esq., convinced Edwina to allow him to remove her lawsuit against TYCO from the court docket so he could amend it and represent her. He never re-filed the lawsuit. Instead, Pete settled Edwina's lawsuit for a small sum and started a romantic relationship with Edwina. Edwina feels in retrospect that he started dating her to keep tabs on her and continue to protect TYCO from his client. TYCO put Edwina on a shift alone that was usually worked by four men. She fell and got hurt. The Cochran Firm also handles workers compensation cases. But when Edwina was hurt on the job, Pete referred her work injury to a Buckhead attorney who offered to take her case if she slept with him. Edwina eventually went to another job, and her new boss at Honey Baked Ham also sexually assaulted her. See a report about Honey Baked Hams at this link - -  The EEOC in Atlanta did not help Edwina with that sexual assault case at Honey Baked, but the EEOC is now helping women in Colorado who are also sexually assaulted at Honey Baked Hams. Maybe they are mostly white women and should not have to "put out" for a job or for justice in court. See the Denver News report dated October 3, 2011:

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is suing The Original HoneyBaked Ham Co. of Georgia Inc. for alleged severe and pervasive sexual harassment at its Colorado stores. The lawsuit also accuses the company of retaliating against female employees who complained about the misconduct.

If sexual favors is what it takes for The Cochran Firm to work for its clients, no wonder the lawyers only pretended to do legal work for my 80-year-old mother while the Tennessee statute of limitations passed! Both Edwina Davis and my elderly mother received lewd pictures to their cell phones after notifying people about The Cochran Firm Fraud. I wrote about the photos in "79 Tweets of Net Freedom" one night when I was able to break free of the cyberstalkers' control over my home computer. Our photos were black penises being held in men's hands. Edwina said her photos were white men naked from the waist down. Watch out female homeowners in LA! They are atomic dogs!

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Justice for the 99% article by Mary Neal, advocate against The Cochran Firm fraud, a CoIntelPro program against justice for Americans in the 99%, especially minorities, to protect government agencies and certain corporations.

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