Friday, May 1, 2015

McMurray, The Cochran Firm, and Hattie Neal

We have such drama involving my mother that I decided to check the "McMiurray v. The Cochran Firm" case. A new judge has been assigned now, after the first judge recused herself in November 2014. I discovered The Cochran Firm is not doing too well in that case where it fights to be declared by the court to be ONE law firm although it declared in Georgia courts to be totally separate law firms (Neals v. The Cochran Firm, GA Sup. Ct. (2005); USDC (2007). The Cochran Firm lost a battle in February to Randy McMurray, a former partner in the firm:

Law360, New York (February 09, 2015, 12:19 PM ET) -- A California federal judge on Friday dismissed counterclaims against an attorney embroiled in trademark litigation with The Cochran Firm PC over the use of Johnnie Cochran’s moniker, saying the attorney's former colleagues' contract claims are barred by a related state court action.

U.S. District Judge Philip S. Gutierrez tossed Joseph M. Barrett and Brian T. Dunn’s countersuit alleging Randy H. McMurray breached a partnership agreement between the three by using firm funds for personal expenses during his management of The Cochran Firm Los Angeles LLP, the formation of which prompted the immediate federal trademark suit.

McMurray entered the Neals' lawsuits against The Cochran Firm (both of which were wrongly dismissed) in his case against The Cochran Firm. In California, The Cochran Firm fights to be considered a single law firm with offices nationwide, whereas in Georgia, it fought to have law offices in Georgia and in Memphis declared by Georgia courts to be no part of The Cochran Firm. Neither my mother nor I told these lawyers to tell the court such lies, and they should not blame us if their lies are coming back to bite them now.

I RESENT my mother going to DeKalb Medical Hospital for a rash in 2012 and being administered conflicting blood pressure medications - one that raises blood pressure and one that lowers it - which damn near killed her and caused her heart rate to fluctuate. I RESENT DeKalb Medical then trying to coerce the 90-year-old into accepting an unneeded heart pacer.

I RESENT my mother going to DeKalb Medical Hospital in 2015 for a bed sore and being frightened by the hospital giving her scans for bone cancer. She needed a cancer scan about as much as she needed a heart pacer in 2012 - not at all. She went there will a bed sore, and she had better NOT come home with cancer. Many people know about inflicted tumors. It happens to rats every day in labs, and perhaps to people, too.

No results or films that result from the tests will be accepted at face value. It should be criminal to terrorize elderly people possibly to charge their insurance more money than necessary. Hattie Neal has been through enough drama. Observe her tear stains on the contract with The Cochran Firm for legal services that were secretly withheld until it was too late to contract with an honest attorney regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of her mentally challenged, physically disabled son, Larry Neal.

They will stop at nothing to disparage me. My mother left this house on Tuesday night at much hysterical urging by a party I will leave unnamed and went to the hospital by ambulance with a bed sore, period. A board-certified internist who works exclusively with geriatric patients, Dr. Cooper, had scheduled a two-hour appointment with her for Friday morning. Meanwhile, she had no fever, no hypertension, and no diabetes. Hypertension and diabetes disappeared over a year ago as she began eating healthier and lost excess weight during the 2.5 years while I prepared all her meals, providing almost no sweets, less bread, and no pork. 

Unlike hospitals, I check her levels before administering meds and very seldom found the blood pressure high and never found the sugar level high after 2013. I imagine it is to defame me that a party claims Mama had an ecoli infection. Mama is a human being from planet earth and responds to bacterial infections like everyone else: fevers, stomach cramps, and diarrhea. She had NONE of those symptoms and never has in the three years while I was her sole caretaker. Why is it hard to admit that this 92-year-old woman was healthy and had a bedsore that Dr. Cooper would have addressed on arrival Friday? No cancer, no irregular heartbeat, no ecoli either. Now she is likely on meds that will cause side effects.

I have taken excellent care of my mother for 22 years and the last three by myself with siblings dropping by very irregularly (some holidays). Anybody critical of that care will have to first show me their 92-year-old mothers, and NOT including the one I have. Sibling rivalry among people old enough to be grandmothers is ridiculous.

The Cochran Firm became a benefactor of DeKalb Medical Hospital in December 2012. That was interesting timing since The Cochran Firm office had been in Atlanta for around a decade (no matter what lawyers told the courts), and the hospital had been here for about a century before 2012. Hopefully, these people will quit their antics while they are ahead, unlike The Cochran Firm. Fraud really is not worth it. Every time legal consumers read about The Cochran Firm fraud against the Neals to protect Memphis Shelby County Jail from our wrongful death civil action, The Cochran Firm loses more money than it would have cost to pay our malpractice and fraud lawsuit. But Pharaoh could not stop oppressing the Hebrew children because God did not give him that much wisdom. Therefore, the Egyptian king and his entire army (of co-conspirators) drowned in the Red Sea.

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