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Ghostbuster, by Mary Neal

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SATAN, OUR GOD, remove this cup!
We send police to make her shut up
But she films our computer attacks
Word's getting out - that's a fact

So we destroy her computers
And position stalkers around her home
They even follow her to libraries
And took over her telephones

Our plan was working oh so well
Defrauding minorities, but she tells
The truth is spreading coast to coast
We hide our hoods behind a dead lawyer's ghost
         by Mary Neal (all rights reserved)

ARE BLACKS BEING PUNISHED FOR O.J. SIMPSON MURDER TRIAL VERDICT?  Many people disagreed with the verdict in the O.J. Simpson murder trial. They felt that justice was not served for Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman and continued to believe O.J. was guilty.  The longest trial in California history ended with the jury returning a verdict of not guilty on October 3, 1995, after only four hours of deliberation.  Some blamed Johnnie Cochran for successfully defending Simpson in a racially charged trial.  In 1997, former Black Panther Party member Geronimo Pratt was released from prison after 27 years served for a murder he did not do, having been set up by COINTELPRO.  Cochran was on Pratt's defense team and cited Pratt's release as the most significant event of his legal career.  In 2000, Cochran announced plans to build a Reparations Dream Team and to bring a class action lawsuit against the United States Government for slavery.  Cochran was offered a partnership with an Alabama law firm, which he accepted to fulfill a vision of establishing a nationwide plaintiffs law firm that would have wide appeal among minority persons seeking justice after police brutality, wrongful deaths, and corporate wrongs.

Shortly after entering the new partnership, Cochran became ill.  After Cochran died in March 2005, there were disturbing changes in the firm. Attorneys and staff who had worked alongside Cochran for years were fired or forced out of the firm for refusing to deliver substandard legal services to minority clients, according to former firm attorney Shawn Holley, who sued the new owners for race discrimination. Another former partner sued The Cochran Firm for fraud. A link to Holley's NPR interview is below.

The injustice system seems to be conducting a race war against blacks seeking justice after murders by police and other crimes.  Johnnie Cochran is dead, hopefully due to natural causes, and O.J. Simpson is imprisoned. It is unethical and illegal for racist whites and unprincipaled, sellout black attorneys to use the firm bearing Cochran's name to pervert justice for minority clients of The Cochran Firm.  One can review the firm's verdicts and settlements online that document unprecedented successes.  The problem is that clients do not know until it is too late if their cases are intended for failure.  Defrauded clients who sue The Cochran Firm after attorneys "throw the fight" in their cases (and side with the clients' defendants) are likely to find the firm is not held to ethical standards set by their State Board of Professional Responsibility.

Below are a few examples:

Wrongful Death of Larry Neal -
54-year-old lifelong schizophrenic heart patient was secretly incarcerated for 18 days in Memphis Shelby County Jail while police repeatedly denied his arrest to social workers and family members who searched for Larry to administer life-saving heart and psychiatric drugs.  The Cochran Firm signed contract to represent his elderly mother and family in a wrongful death action against the jail and negligence case against the State of Tennessee, hiding a conflict of interest - Julian Bolton, Esq., The Cochran Firm's managing partner in its Memphis office, was a Shelby County Commissioner, and the Commission owns and operates the jail.  David McLaughlin, the Neal's assigned attorney,  wrote Larry's family false status reports about legal work that was not actually being done in order to allow the Tennessee's statute of limitations to pass without any lawsuits being filed, and used U.S. Mail fraud to mail the lies.  When the Neals sued The Cochran Firm for fraud and deliberate malpractice, Superior Court Judge Wendy Shoob dismissed the lawsuit on the defendant's claim that there is no Cochran Firm office in Georgia, although the law office is open and operating under that identity at 127 Peachtree Street and is prolifically advertised.  Federal Court Judge Batten dismissed the Neal's lawsuit against the traitor lawyers, claiming the firm's fraud did not prevent the Neals from suing Shelby County Jail, despite holding their file secretly inactive for nearly 11 months of Tennessee's 12-month statute of limitations while sending clients false status reports to prevent their finding another attorney in time to sue the jail for Larry's secret arrest and murder. 

Wrongful Death of Corey Ward -
An 18-year-old was out with friends driving his mother's Tahoe in the Atlanta area on July 14, 2002, when two men did a maneuver to stop Ward's vehicle.  Ward and his friends thought they were being carjacked.  Officer Raymond S. Bunn shot and killed Ward. Bunn and his partner said they thought the van the young man drove was a stolen vehicle.  Bunn was indicted for the youth's murder, but the case did not go before a judge until 2010.  By that time, Georgia legislators had enacted a law in 2006 providing that police officers did not have to face a jury if they were indicted for murder but claimed self-defense, which virtually all police officers claim when citizens are killed.  Georgia Superior Court Judge Newkirk dismissed Bunn's murder charges. "For Judge Newkirk to step forward, without hearing any testimony, without interviewing any witnesses … to look at paperwork and not give a Fulton County jury an opportunity to deal with this case is a grave injustice," Hutchinson said.  The Cochran Firm reportedly recovered zero for Ward's family's wrongful death action.  Was Ward's lawsuit even filed? 

Wrongful Death of Billey Joe Johnson -
Johnson, 17, a highly regarded football player at George County High School was killed after he was pulled over by George County Sheriff’s Deputy Joe Sullivan for a traffic violation.  Sullivan said Johnson shot himself with a 12-gauge shotgun while Sullivan was at his patrol car conducting a driver’s license check.  Johnson had reportedly been dating a Caucasian girl whose family had connections with the police department.  His family refused to believe Johnson died by his own hand.  The Cochran Firm was employed to conduct an investigation. Johnson's death was later ruled to be accidental by the grand jury although Officer Sullivan had gun powder residue on both his hands.  The family recovered no damages for what they perceived to be a wrongful death.  Was a lawsuit filed?

A murder indictment or conviction is not necessary to pursue and prevail in a wrongful death civil action, as was won by Ron Goldman's father in his lawsuit against O.J. Simpson.  The fact that there were no convictions in Ward's and Johnson's deaths did not prevent The Cochran Firm from filing and winning lawsuits for its clients.

Wrongful Death of Kathryn Johnston -
A 92-year-old black Atlanta resident was killed by police on November 21, 2006, during a home invasion wrongly referred to as a "botched drug raid." There is no evidence that police had reason to suspect Johnston's home of being a drug house.  Police planned to falsify evidence by presenting false testimony from an informant, and officers planted drugs in Johnston's home while she lay handcuffed and dying from six of the 36 rounds police fired at her. Authorities intended for the informant to say that he had bought drugs from Johnston's home, but the informant refused to lie on the murdered elder and instead went to the FBI and media and reported the police plot.  Three police officers were indicted and sentenced to prison for Johnston's murder in 2009.  The Cochran Firm contracted with Johnston's survivors to represent them in a wrongful death action with an $18 million demand - Sarah Dozier vs. City of Atlanta.  However, The Cochran Firm settled the case for only $4.9 million on August 17, 2010, without allowing the matter to proceed to jury.  Any jury convened in Atlanta would have been sympathetic to the plaintiffs and likely to render the entire $18 million demand, if not more.  The Cochran Firm reported that it filed lawsuit for Dozier on November 21, 2007, in Georgia State Court; however, clerks conducted a thorough search of State Court records on August 18, 2010, and were unable to find evidence that the lawsuit had actually been filed. Superior Court is Georgia’s general jurisdiction trial court. State Court is used only for cases that do not fall under Superior Court's jurisdiction.  This writer knows of no reason why Dozier was filed in State Court (if it really was) except that Superior Court had wrongly pronounced The Cochran Firm nonexistent in Georgia in order to help the devious lawyers escape accountability when sued by the Neal family for fraud in 2006.  The record shows the managing partner of The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office, Hezekiah Sistrunk, removed the  Dozier case from State Court to federal court in January 2008, where it was presided over by Judge Marvin Shoob.  He is the father of Wendy Shoob, the Superior Court judge who had ruled there is no Cochran Firm in Georgia.  Incredibly, the Complaint that The Cochran Firm drafted for its client (?) actually put forth the police defense about a "Suspect X" fingering Johnston's home as a drug house.  That allegation that had already been disproved a year before Sistrunk's Complaint was drafted when the informant exposed the murder coverup. 

The Johnston case is not the first time The Cochran Firm helped police at its clients' expense.  For instance, The Cochran Firm begged USDC Judge Batten not to make Shelby County Jail tell how Larry Neal was killed -  - The court honored the lawyers' request - lawyers who had been hired by the decedent's family as his wrongful death attorneys. Thanks in large part to the murder coverup engineered by The Cochran Firm, the method of Larry's murder is still a secret kept by the United States Justice Department and Shelby County Jail, as the jail was allowed not to answer federal subpoenas and the DOJ refuses to answer the Neals' Freedom of Information Act request for records at this link:

Martinez vs. The Cochran Firm. The Cochran Firm defrauded its client, a Latino woman, of the opportunity to recover $27.1 million in a civil action she had already won.  When she sued her traitor lawyers, her case did not go to court; she was forced to accept less than $300,000 in damages through mediation.  The Cochran Firm's insurance companies refused to pay the settlement, leaving the firm to pay for its unethical conduct regarding Ms. Martinez's case itself.  Insurance policies are for accidents, not deliberate fraud.  The Cochran Firm filed suit against its insurance companies.  That matter is unresolved to date, to my understanding.

The Cochran Firm Fraud May Negatively Impact Victims of the BP Gulf Oil Spill. Bloomberg Businessweek reported on October 9, 2010 that a federal judge appointed four lawyers from three states to serve on an executive committee and lead a 15-member steering committee for thousands of people and businesses suing over the BP Plc oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The executive committee will coordinate the responsibilities of the larger plaintiffs’ steering committee representing hundreds of lawyers involved in cases against BP and other companies including Halliburton Co. and Transocean Ltd.  Phillip Thomas, of MS Litigation Review and Commentary, wrote, "My interpretation of the Order is that the steering committee will run the entire litigation. Lawyers who represent victims—but who are not on the steering committee—appear to be getting squeezed out of the litigation.  The only Mississippi lawyer on the steering committee is former congressman and Secretary of Agriculture Mike Espy. . . "   Espy is a Morgan & Morgan/Cochran Firm attorney.

I have met other former Cochran Firm clients who allege the firm deliberately "threw the fight,"  so I am concerned about the Gulf Oil spill victims being treated fairly.  It is bad enough that when many people were out of work because of the oil spill, prison laborers (slavery) were used for the cleanup while they remained unemployed.  As with the wrongful death of Larry Neal case, other former clients who spoke with me got no assistance ascertaining justice when defrauded by The Cochran Firm, which I believe to be a COINTELPRO operation.  After The Cochran Firm had itself pronounced nonexistent in Georgia and the Neals' lawsuit was dismissed based on that perjury, I went to the BBB, FCC, FTC, FBI, major news affiliates, local and federal elected representatives, numerous civil rights organizations.  In 2009, federal court Judge Batten ruled that The Cochran Firm's fraud against Larry Neal's family to help Shelby County Jail escape with his murder was "immaterial."  Minority citizens who were not represented by The Cochran Firm frauds were also denied justice in numerous cases since the O.J. Simpson murder trial.  I am censored and stalked to prevent my reporting these and other injustices to the public.  It appears that minority citizens are deemed too immaterial to receive consumer reports that might save them from being treated like the Cochran Firm clients in this post.

Johnnie Cochran was against his firm doing criminal defense work, according to former Cochran Firm attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, during her NPR interview. Prison owners/investors profit when people are incarcerated. Listen to Holley's interview "CONTROVERSY AT COCHRAN LAW FIRM" at this link:  - People who rely on legal traitors for criminal defense risk more than the Neal family and other Cochran Firm clients who were defrauded in civil cases. Criminal defendants' freedom and lives are at stake.

If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for He that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they. ~Ecclesiastes 5:8

NOTE:  My uncle served in the Army in WWII, my brother served in Viet Nam, and my nephews in Afghanistan and Iraq. I do not agree with war, but many close friends and relatives have sacrificed for this to be a land of equal justice and free speech. The U.S.A. has not arrived at that goal, but it is our right and our duty to try to make it so. People who object to my writing about injustices against minorities, whites who lack wealth, and America's mentally ill need to get over it. I am on a Godly assignment against racism and classism in the justice system.

For a week I have been prevented from entering posts at my online group, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill.  Over the past few years, I have spent thousands of hours developing the advocacy group that has nearly 300 members working together to decriminalize mental illness in America where roughly 1.25million sick people are imprisoned for inappropriate conduct arising out of a common, treatable health condition.  When I started the group, I did not know that prisons and jails were privately-owned enterprises and that the mentally ill account for over one-half of America's inmates.  I am reminded of movie themes with a hapless heroine who inadvertently picks up the wrong suitcase at the airport and is plunged into a tale of intrigue and espionage. 

Our justice quest began with the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal, my mentally and physically disabled brother.  In addition to The Cochran Firm defrauding us to save Shelby County Jail from lawsuit, the United States Department of Justice and courts are dedicated to preventing Larry's death from being publicly disclosed and becoming subject to normal investigative and judicial processes.  Battling censorship, I write in my FreeSpeakBlog and also publish articles online at Care2, HubPages,, IndyMedia, and OpEdNews about my family's denial of justice and abuses of power that negatively impact other Americans, particularly minorities, whites who lack wealth, and the mentally disabled.  You are invited to review and share the articles in FreeSpeakBlog using the index on the left margin at -

Information on the O.J. Simpson murder case that probably gave rise to a judicial race war with the justice quests of select black families as casualties is at this link:


Since my home computers are destroyed regularly, it is challenging for me to stay abreast of the latest cases where mentally ill people are brutalized, potentially innocent inmates face execution, and citizens' rights are trampled, which are my usual subjects.  I have already written thousands of articles and emails about individuals experiencing such horrors and thought it would be easier and refreshing to publish fiction and poetry about these subjects for a while.  Therefore, I started writing short stories to inspire and entertain about a town called Edenville. 

Edenville is a modern American boom town with a population that soured from 1,800 to 22,000 residents within six months when Edenville Private Prison opened.  Some of the principal characters are listed below.  Any likeness to real people, companies, or law firms is purely coincidental.

Commissioner Greedly
Mayor Greedly
Banker Greedly
Sheriff Lockwell
Warden Lockwell
Edenville Gazette, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Coverall
Lukewarm Sanctuary Church
Shark Clan, LLC, Clan Shark, P.C., Assumed Name & Affiliates (local law offices that all work out of a single address.  They belong to a national firm called Clandestine Purpose, LLC, a/k/a "Clan." Multiple names are useful when clients discover they were defrauded by their attorneys and sue.  No matter what defendant the plaintiffs name in lawsuits, the lawyers say, "Wrong name, judge!"  Regular criminals do not escape justice by using numerous alias names, but these are highly irregular lawyers who enjoy special arrangements with courts.  They do not always bother to register their alias names with the Secretary of States office - just claim to be "P.C." or "LLC" at will.  Not a problem.)

I will announce the Internet home for my Edenville fiction series soon. 


Mary Neal

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

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