Saturday, January 30, 2010

Web Attack Aimed At One Activist Blogger |

They must have TEAMS of cyberdogs working on Mary Neal. A sample of my cybercensorship is at YouTube at this link - "Prison Labor Profits": The article below and my vidoes show I am not the only one subjected to illegal censorship to prevent the quest for justice online. Numerous persons also commented at my articles at, saying they, too, are victims of online stalking and censorship. I have many videos showing that major civil liberties organizations and other individuals' online messages for liberty and justice for all are also cyberstalked. See the excerpt below about another censored activist, Cyxymu.

Web Attack Aimed At One Activist Blogger
It has been confirmed that a coordinated attack on Web sites including Google, Facebook and Twitter was directed at one individual, a pro-Georgian activist blogger known as Cyxymu. The attack caused a blackout of Twitter for around two hours, while Facebook said its service had been "degraded."

Today, I again have a DoS at Voting Central. This was cleared up a month ago, but such problems recur at sites where I frequently write about the secret arrest and murder of my mentally and physically handicapped brother, Larry Neal, and the cover-up that followed his death, which was facilitated by The Johnnie Cochran Firm, while pretending (under contract) to be his wrongful death attorneys. Writing to help others who suffer in the "justice" system probably has much to do with my censorship, as well. My Voting Central polls can be accessed at Polls:

I am not surprised that planned infrastructure improvements center largely on the railroads. Sponsors for H.R. 645 (a bill proposing six (6) FEMA centers to be built in the USA) are on the Transportation Committee -


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