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Invitation to "Steps Toward Justice" & About Those Shots . . .

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I. Invitation

First, I wanted you to know that I published good news in StepsTowardJusticeHub#3 - Very often, bad news gets wide attention, public outcry, petitions, and generates calls and letters to our representatives, just as it should! Sometimes after we've heard about injustices and expressed our disapproval, it leads to just conclusions that get much less public exposure. Have you ever wondered what happened regarding news stories you read?

My HubPages report the satisfactory conclusions to problems or steps taken that might lead to a justified end. These reports are all called "Steps Toward Justice" followed by a numerical indicator. If you missed "Steps Toward Justice" 1 and 2, check them out while you're there! No. 3 has five exciting and positive news reports regarding bigotry against ethnic children punished, prison reform encouraged, a suicidal man saved by police, and the growing movement to decriminalize mental illness. Visit today to read the good news and see the videos. See how situations that concerned you turned out!

All Good News with Videos!

II. About Those Shots

In case you wonder why I have no photo on this post, I was suddenly unable to upload images. Furthermore, when I tried to go to my HubPages article today, I reached a message saying HubPages was down for maintenance, which I very much doubt. Thanks for your interest in my blog and articles. People go to so much trouble to interfere with my publications that they might be of value. I began writing at HubPages recently and sharing more input in this FreeSpeakBlog after having my membership suspended at NowPublic. What horrible thing did I do?

Membership suspension followed my writing a successful series of articles against enforced H1N1 vaccines. That battle is just heating up in New York, where certain health care workers were told to take the vaccine shots or lose their jobs. About 100,000 health care workers are slated to be vaccinated. One day soon it might become your battle, too. Perhaps the cyberdogs are afraid I will load the picture of the doctors and nurses protesting the idea that their bodies are not their own and refusing to submit to being "test rats" (their term).

Health care workers screamed "No forced shots!" as they rallied Tuesday, September 29, against the state regulation requiring them to roll up their sleeves.

When asked if he's willing to lose his job, one protestor, Mr. Mannino, said, "Absolutely. I will not take it, will not be forced. This is still America."

Perhaps because I uploaded photographs of the health care workers' protests to my computer tonight, the cyberdogs did something to counter my ability to share them in this blog. But I wasn't even going to report that today. I am writing to invite you to visit "Steps Toward Justice" at HubPages. Maybe we'll delve into the vaccine debate at a future blog, and maybe not. After what happened at NowPublic, it seems dangerous to discuss. Wonder if they're going to grab those health care professionals and just commence to inoculating them? Call out the troops? Get the trains that are reportedly equipped with shackles and deliver the protesters to concentration camps? I have read all kinds of rumors connected with those vaccines. Most of them are scary and hopefully not based in truth. Have Americans become property of U.S.A.? Have our public servants become our Pharaohs? Time will tell. Stay tuned!

Here's an article with comments that might give you nightmares and/or old time religion:

Concentration Camps Proposed in Congress - H.R. 645

I suggest that you go to Google Images and type "vaccine protests" into the browser once you reach that website. You can follow most of the photographs there to the matching story. I may not write about that mess again! I have learned that unfortunately, freedom of press largely depends on what one has to say.

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