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My Philosophy of Liberty vs. Cointelpro

Cointelpro is said to be a system of cyberstalking and censorship that attacks activists to discourage and/or impede their electronic communications. I have been followed around the Internet for years now and had my data deleted, changed, and received cyberterrorist threats, but I did not know what to call the illegal interference against my First Amendment rights until last night when a friend suggested that I am being attacked by Cointelpro.

Of course, cyberstalkers do not announce themselves, so I cannot say definitively that Cointelpro is the cause of my problems. I will call it that henceforth, because it seems likely. Whatever causes my electronic communication problems has broad capabilities and is able to access and manipulate my Internet usage regardless of what network I use or what anti-virus software and spyware I employ on my home computers.  Law enforcement refuses to address the illegal interference and cyberterrorism. A code used to appear beside my name when I signed my articles at I tried to send the code to some IT people, but it disappeared on the emails. I tried substituting two characters of the code, but it still would not transmit. Disappearing codes seem a little James Bondish to me. I did not publish the censorship and cyberterrorism until saving plenty of proof on video, thinking that it was so farfetched that people would not believe me. Contrarily, when I finally wrote about it, many people came forward and shared similar experiences in their comments to my articles at  *NOTE:  If you access links in this blog, use the back arrow to return. 

The Bill of Rights means nothing unless it is enforced law. But America is a country that has unequal application of legal protections and punishments. I write about human and civil rights and "love thy neighbor." It is indeed sad if that is a problem. It would be best to stop teaching children to say the Pledge of Allegiance and giving them Civics classes right now if authorities plan for Americans to abdicate our First Amendment rights to free speech and free press or lay aside any other civil liberties. Anything children repeat day after day becomes part of their belief system whether or not the rights were ever meant to apply to all socio-economic classes and races equally. Like I did, most students of American history and Civics will develop an intractable belief in the worth of the individual. Like Mary Neal, they will develop a philosophy of liberty.


Whatever is behind my censorship attacked again today. I sent e-cards via Care2 today to announce Texas Moratorium Network's petition to clear the name of wrongly executed Todd Willingham. Care2 sends the originator of e-cards a copy in their email box if they request it and another notice when cards were opened by addressees.

The "SENT" cards I received a copy of in my email at had been STRIPPED OF ALL DATA (Cointelpro hacked them, apparently). Twice in the past two weeks, my input was stripped from inside Care2 ecards, and the cards reached my addressees devoid of the information regarding (1) Thomas Arthur, wrongly convicted Alabama death row inmate, and (2) Todd Willingham, wrongly executed Texan. Care2 reported that the network's entire ecard area had been attacked after I sent the Thomas Arthur ecard. Alabama reportedly still plans to execute Arthur despite his DNA test results proving negative as the murderer of Troy Wicker. The DNA results are held under court seal, and Arthur's attorneys are not allowed to publish the results. I suppose my ecards revealed information that was inteded to be held until after Arthur's execution, as in Todd Willingham's case.  Authorities also had proof that Willingham did not commit arson murders before his exection, but killed him anyway.  When I complained in the comments section of my Care2 Willingham article about interference regarding my ecards, some of the addressees then got the ecards with the Willingham information, while others had not.  I have found that whereas cyberstalkers know how to interrupt a person's First Amendment rights online by redirecting mail, removing certain data and links from people's mail and articles and blogs, putting fake views that can be seen only from a specific URL, etc., they completely lack common sense. That is how I catch them in the act, and you will see it in my films.

Mistakes have been made regarding executions, but to DELIBERATELY withhold a condemned prisoner's test results, forbid the condemned man's attorneys from telling the public the Arthur is innocent, cyberstalk someone like me who tries to notify people, and plans to proceed and execute an innocent man strike me as being criminal conduct. Perhaps there is nothing criminal about it according to the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. It provides that slavery is illegal except for those who have had their freedom set aside by due process of law. Being found guilty of crimes in America removes the constitutional right to exist free from slavery.  It is not illegal to kill one's slaves, so apparently Alabama is ready to exercise its right to kill Arthur - innocent or not, as Supreme Court Justice Scalia opined in the Troy Davis case. See the topic discussed further at another post in this blog:  HOW MUCH DOES INNOCENCE MATTER IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE?

The media is not reporting about Arthur's DNA tests coming back negative as the murderer, just like the media is probably FORBIDDEN from reporting about my brother, Larry Neal, who was secretly arrested Guantanamo-style and killed in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003, but my family is DENIED any investigation or explanation - denied all records of his arrest and murder, detailed in - Equal rights and justice in America are over, if they ever existed. Larry's death was followed by an elaborate conspiracy of cover-up, facilitated by The Johnnie Cochran Firm while under contact as his family's attorneys! Google THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD.

Agencies that should uphold justice seem to rally around The Cochran Firm and help contain exposure about Larry's wrongful death and The Cochran Firm Fraud. I believe that to be a duplicitous law firm that uses Johnnie Cochran's name to defraud blacks and browns after police violence. Instead of authorities helping a grieving family that was royally waterboarded, my family members are followed, cyberstalked, censored, and interrogated by the FBI (agents visited my niece after she facilitated serving our lawsuit on The Cochran Firm's Memphis office and asked the middle-aged grandmother and former civil servant, a mother of military men, what she knew about nude dancing).

Today I watched part of a disturbing film on the history of Cointelpro and African Americans.  The filmmaker presented evidence that persons with the capacity to unify people around the cause of racial equality were targeted.  I write about injustices toward prisoners and inequities in economic opportunities that target African Americans for greater incarceration rates.  My advocacy is not a black movement, but rather, it is a mission by God to unite people of all races around the concept that there is a better way to address crime than locking up millions of people, two-thirds of them for non-violent offenses, with more than half of them being mentally ill citizens who deserve our protection.  Most members of our online advocacy organization are Caucasians, and everyone is welcome and needed.  Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) is a human/civil rights organization that works in the tradition of Dorothea Dix to decriminalize mental illness and encourage lawmakers to view mental illness as a health condition to be treated, not a crime to be punished.

America's high incarceration rate affects millions of families, whether it is because they have  imprisoned relatives or mentally ill loved ones who are in danger of future arrest due to their dysfunctions.  Too many Americans are unemployed because their jobs were outsourced to prison labor programs where the laborers are slaves with no wage laws or benefits.  Regarding capital punishment, what part of "Thy shalt not kill" did we not understand?  AIMI is an anti-capital punishment group, especially advocating for mentally ill inmates on death row and the wrongly convicted.  Since my brother's secret arrest and wrongful death in 2003 in Memphis Shelby County Jail and my family's subsequent denial of remedy under the law, I have become attuned to the wailing of other mothers like my own mom whose sick son was cruelly and secretly imrpisoned and killed for having a handicap.  These mothers are black, white, and brown.  If I am targeted because I care about people suffering and advocate that we demonstrate more love for our neighbors without regard to race, socio-economic distinctions or health status, then I am like my Lord, and He will protect me. 

If The Cochran Firm is now in the business of unethically defrauding its clients to protect police departments after disenfranchised persons are killed or abused, I question how they got so many African Americans to go along with the farce quietly. Six months after The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office had itself declared NONEXISTENT as a Cochran Firm office in Georgia, the firm contracted with 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston's family, just as though the firm had not declared itself not to exist in Georgia. Ms. Johnston's family has not been awarded a thin dime because police stormed her home and shot her like a dog.

I seriously doubt if Shawn Holley, an attorney who worked with Johnnie Cochran for 17 years, is the only one who knows about The Cochran Firm Fraud, but she is the only one besides my family that I know of who came forward and tried to warn people. Find Shawn Holley's NPR interview online wherein she exposed The Cochran Firm's agenda of deliberately delivering shabby legal services to minority clients.

What kind of authorities go along with families being tricked like ours and Ms. Johnston's survivors? What kind of African Americans sit quietly while this kind of farce is being carried out against other people of color?

Ms. Holley did not know the entire story. She likely did not know The Cochran Firm Fraud is apparently a plan authorized by the government. Otherwise, I do not believe my reports to the BBB, FBI, FTC, FCC, USDOJ, and major news affiliates would not have been ignored regarding The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office disclaiming its advertised identity in Georgia Superior Court and that the judge had agreed that the law firm did not exist while it was open every day, and using a P.C. after its alias name without being registered in the State of Georgia. No regular business, especially one that is of, by, or for minorities, would get that kind of protection from negative press. After making reports and filing a federal lawsuit against the firm, I started being followed, censored, cyberstalked, and terrorized, but denied police services.  U.S. Code 18, 242 and 245 do not mean any more than the Bill of Rights does, because these laws are not uniformly protected.

Others seem to join in the fraud - even judges - and allow me to be cyberstalked and terrorized - a Georgia grandmother! I was even notified by a friend in government that my email arrived as WHITELISTED! That means that because I ask authorities to DO THEIR JOB AND ANSWER WHAT HAPPENED TO MY MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED BROTHER, LARRY NEAL, I AM ON WATCH LISTS! Now did you know things had gotten so bad? Americans, the next sound you hear might be train whistles coming for your relatives with Autism, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's and bipolar disorder, and you had better not say one thing about it or you will be whtelisted, too. Already 1.25 million mentally ill people are in prison. How long will they spare your children, moms and dads, uncles and friends?

In any case, that is the news my cyberstalking is meant to contain - THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD. Everything else I report is from the Internet and is obviously already known. However, I take the news and tell what it means regarding justice, so this disturbs wrongdoers. You can read more about The Cochran Firm Fraud in this blog at "Cochran Firm Fraud Goes On and On" as well as at my NowPublic articles accessible by this link:

Sometimes cyberstalkers actually do things just to show off! Yesterday when editing my Martin Luther King blog you can access by scrolling down from here, cyberstalkers got busy changing the colors of my text. The name of the blog is "Martin Luther King's Final Speech Fraudulently Edited." I highlighted the parts of his speech that had been changed in red and green, but the cyberstalkers were turning them back to black font - why? Just showing me they have control. Juveniles! But since they did so many antics like that over the past two years, I have lots of footage to show the world that yes - Cointelpro exists. I am followed around the Internet and data is deleted, emails curtailed, etc. in Care2, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and even my gmail email account, although less than the others. I am in good company as a human rights advocate. MLK was censored while he lived, and he is cyberstalked now - 41 years after death. See my article for the proof.

When an activist publishes data these people want to contain, cyberterrorism is the response, i.e.:

People got so ruthless recently with cyberstalking and in-person stalking (with police assistance denied), that I launched this petition: JUSTICE FOR MARY NEAL - PETITION TO COMBAT TERRORISM AND CENSORSHIP

To show you just how sad America is, the petition was in the top 10 on in July, and not one representative called me about the crimes I wrote about. No police officer ever asked for the license numbers of those who follow me. Perhaps they already knew. There was usually an officer or other official vehicle with those who stalked me. See my videos online - Cochran Firm Fraud 1 and 2 at Youtube and Y! Video.

Am I afraid of them? Sure, I am. But I have on the whole armor of God. I pray and carry on. God cares about how the least of these, His brethren, are treated. Matthew 25 makes it clear of whom the Lord speaks by referring to people who naked and sick in prison. That is the circumstance that ONLY applies to the incarcerated mentally ill, the main people I advocate for in obedience to Hebrew 13:3. Why civil and human rights organizations ignore the crimes against me which are meant to stop me using my First Amendment privileges, I do not know. One day the cyberstalkers flashed on my screen a large message that said, "Protected by no one." What a bald-faced lie that is! If I were protected by no one, I would not be sitting here typing. "The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, and He delivers them." ~Psalm 34:7

Cointelpro can and does occasionally CHANGE what a person sent in emails or on blogs after their release into cyberspace. I HAVE VIDEO PROOF WHICH WILL BE PUBLISHED OF MY ILLEGAL CYBERSTALKING, as I have been filming the cyberstalking for two years. I also filed proof of cyberterror and in-person stalking in USDC in the Neals v. The Cochran Firm case, but the court ignored it. I think people ought to get out of the New World Order, wherein they stick together and mistreat the common man and devise an end to civil rights, and they should get in order with God's Word instead. Either they will learn now to do that now, or they will learn too late the hot way.

Regarding data being illegally deleted from my Care2 ecards, the data was visible on the ecards in my Care2 "sent" file, but not on most of the ecards that addressees actually received or the receipt copies that came to my gmail box.  The deleted text can be seen at this article: .

Deleted data concerned Texas Moratorium Network's petition to exonerate a wrongly executed man, Cameron Todd Willingham.  Only the heading was left on the cards that were received by most addressees:

Help TMN Clear Todd Willingham's Name; Note My New Contact Info! 

Despite interference, Willingham's petition article made Care2 News Network's front page, and many people were grateful of the opportunity to know about his wrongful execution and support the petition for his post mortem exoneration.

Sept. 14, 2009  - CARE2 NEWS NETWORK:


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Thanks, Miriam777. I appreciate your encouragement. I do not know whether it is because I am censored or you are, but I could not open but a few of your links. I will continue to try. I wrote an article to help activists know when and how they are being censored. I am convinced that most effective human and civil rights activists are censored like I am, although not to the same degree. Please use the SEARCH THIS BLOG feature in the left margin to see this article: INTERNET CENSORSHIP AMERICAN-STYLE - It is among the July 2010 entries in the index on the left, also. If you find any of the info in this blog useful, please share with your friends, on your web pages, and in your network groups. People never change circumstances they are blind about.