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Drama: Terrell Scott's Habeas Corpus

This Terrell Scott.

This is how Terrell Scott feels.

This is how Terrell Scott's family feels.

I'm sending you a copy of a writ of "Habeas Corpus Petition" filed on behalf of one Terrell Anthony Scott, who has been imprisoned for over six years now and has never been granted a trial of any kind. Please read the petition and take this very seriously, because this has the makings of a "landmark" and "groundbreaking" case where nothing but Racism, Greed and Utter Hatred has fueled this corruption, starting with the detective and going all the way to the judge who sentenced Scott and forged documents so that Pennsylvania could keep this young man imprisoned without a trial or one shred of evidence or credible witness to back any of their claims. ~ Frank P. Morice

Read the habeas corpus at this Scribd link, or access the document below in this blog.

Pennsylvania received the writ of habeas corpus petition but claimed it wrote to Scott and gave him a deadline to respond. Scott did not respond by the date stipulated and claims he never received any correspondence from the State related to the writ. He sends all of his mail to his mother, and she never received it. If you think it is incredible that a state might lie about such a thing, you obviously have not read my articles about Terrell Scott and reviewed evidence of previous falsehoods that were allegedly told by his accuser, his own attorney, the district attorney, the judge and Scott's probation officer. See "Terrell Scott - Too Crazy for Trial but Competent for a Plea Deal"

If you find Scott's denial of due process unbelievable, perhaps you never saw Democracy Now's reports about Kalief Browder, another innocent Black youth who was held in indefinite detention for three years in Rikers Island Jail over a stolen backpack, with most of his internment in solitary confinement to force a false confession. Browder was also denied a trial in total disregard of the Sixth Amendment. The teenager was so traumatized by the time charges were dropped and he was released that he killed himself -- but not before telling his story. See a Democracy Now video and continue reading about Kalief Browder at

If Terrell Scott's denial of basic human rights by the State of Pennsylvania seems impossible to you, you probably missed reading the Clarion-Ledger's reports about two mentally ill Black men who were held in the Hinds County Detention Center in Mississippi for eight years and seven years, respectively, without going to trial had known mental health issues when they were incarcerated.

If you consider Scott's story too outrageous to believe because such things do not happen in 21st century America, you probably missed my reports about Shannon Nyamodi, another Black youth who was arrested on false robbery and assault charges and detained in Franklin County Jail in North Carolina for more than two years without trial. Most of that time was spent in solitary confinement without any contact with his family or the outside world - no phone calls and no visitors. He finally had a breakdown and accepted a plea deal after police also arrested and brutalized his mother.
Elizabeth Crudup, Nyamodi's mom, reported several months ago that she had been contacted by officials who relayed that the real culprit had finally confessed to doing the crime. She expected Nyamodi's immediate release. Since speaking to Crudup about that and sharing the good news, I have been unable to reach her on my hacker-controlled phone. Therefore, I do not know if Nyamodi was actually released. Confessions by guilty parties do not necessarily lead to release of innocent people in America, even with evidence.

Terrell Scott is interned without trial under such horrifying conditions that he sliced his throat recently three times and swallowed the razor blade - a blade to which he should not have had access as an incarcerated mental patient. If that seems outlandish to you, I invite you to read about the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, my brother - a Black, schizophrenic heart patient whose murder became a national secret so closely held that the United States Department of Justice wrote a response to my Freedom of Information Act request saying that Larry's death after 18 days of secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail was "a matter of national security." All legal remedy and mainstream news reports are withheld, and I am censored, persecuted, and terrorized for reporting.

All of the victims named in this article happen to be Black men. But if you believe mentally ill Caucasians, Latinos, and Native Americans do not also experience gross denials of human and civil rights that result in wrongful incarcerations, prisoner torture, and deaths in custody, you are obviously new to "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog and to "Exposed - FreeSpeakblog." We welcome your interest. Please review each blog's index on its margin to find other interesting articles to read and share. Sharing helps to expose and oppose oppression against U.S. prisoners, especially those with mental and physical disabilities. Thank you for helping to give "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill."

"Terrell Scott Habeas Corpus" on Scribd.
Terrell Scott Habeas Corpus by Mary Neal. Please scroll to read the writ below.

The District Attorney for Scott's case was John Morganelli, a Democrat who is now campaigning to be Pennsylvania's Attorney General. Below is Scott's court docket indicating that Morganelli and Phil Lauer, Scott's defense attorney, took turns refusing Scott a court date. Lauer would say Scott was not ready for trial or that Scott's defense attorney was not ready, and Morganelli claimed falsely that Scott was hospitalized and could not appear. The state's evidence and witnesses simply would NOT have led to a conviction from any impartial judge and jury. After almost five years, Scott was presented with a plea deal on which he wrote, "I am mentally ill, and I don't understand this." He then reportedly signed his name to his own statement, not to the plea agreement. However, news reports said falsely, according to Scott's mother, that Scott had confessed. Americans with mental disabilities deserve due process of law - not entrapment.

Scott's family needs legal assistance from a qualified attorney and help from disability rights groups and individual advocates. Thank you for reading this article about Terrell Scott's writ of Habeas corpus, which his mother believes he may be barred from filing again. If you can assist this family, please contact Holly Alston at her email address:

DRAMA: Immediately upon submitting this article at "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog late night on February 23, a gunshot was fired close by in my quiet neighborhood. Then trees fell in my backyard (I heard sawing there late on Saturday night). Next, my lights went out. All of this happened within a couple of minutes after I submitted the article. When I thought the intimidation was over, sirens began. Google Blogger's security for this article at "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog seems to be compromised. The links only open sometimes, and the writ of Habeas corpus at Scribd is not always on view. That prompted me to look at my Scribd documents, and only two of them appeared when I selected to view them all.

My Scribd documents should all be "public." Particularly, the court order from United States District Court, Central District of California wherein the court said The Cochran Firm does NOT meet the minimum requirements to be called 'a law firm' was not on view, and neither was Terrell Scott's Habeas corpus or his court docket proving that Scott's lawyer and D.A. Morganelli prevented Scott's case from going to court. While Lauer and Morganelli claimed falsely that Scott was unavailable to stand trail, Scott was awaiting the opportunity to prove his innocence, but that opportunity never presented itself. Lawyer fraud and prosecutors' misconduct lead to too many wrongful convictions and false imprisonments for poor and working class Americans, especially Blacks.

There is little respect for the U.S. Constitution from Democrats in today's climate of greed and lawlessness. No prison profiteers should serve in public offices, especially not over law enforcement or as legislators.

Support Senator Bernie Sanders' bill H.R.3543 "Justice Is Not For Sale Act" to eliminate government contracts with private prison companies and pray for justice in America. Ask your representatives to also co-sponsor H.R.2646 "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act" by Rep. Tim Murphy and Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson. Only support officials who have demonstrated a commitment to human rights.

Mary Neal, email (678)531-0262, Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI)

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