Sunday, August 30, 2015

White People, Sign My ATL "Pass"

Hello, online friends of freedom. I request your assistance. Below is a "pass" for Whites to sign for me to go into Atlanta and speak in conversational tones with people about giving "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill" and the "Human Rights for Prisoners March." In 2010, I was threatened by two Black police officers who said they were responding to a 911 call to make me leave from the sidewalk in front of the court-declared "nonexistent" office of The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm at 127 Peachtree Street. Since I plan to go back to that location, I thought that as a Black woman, my free speech rights might be protected if I have a "pass" from White Americans. In addition, people of all races are invited to sign my Petition for Free Speech online at iPetitions. Petitioners request the U.S. government to stop hackers from destroying my computers, taking over my telephones, and stop whomever sends stalkers to follow me in order to interrupt my advocacy for America's mentally ill prisoners of all races. I advocate for the government to respect the human rights of all prisoners institutionalized within this country. The petition to FREE MARY NEAL is at (sometimes the petition disappears from my blogs' margins, but it should be there). Thank you in advance for signing my "pass" White friends of freedom. All others can sign, too, although your input will not count. Select the appropriate response below, and share my pass with your friends.

It is very important for me to get signatures from many White People on my pass, because your own human rights are also compromised. Your signatures do not have the weight that they once had. Innocent White elders are being killed by police in their homes, and unarmed White youths are being gunned down by police like they are Blacks - even young White women. I publish such wrongful deaths at my blogs and at Google+ and Facebook. I used to use Care2 more often than I do now, because my account there was completely taken over by NSA or other hackers. I believe that it is important for all races of people to unite and resist oppression. (Genesis 11:6). Please unite with me to enforce my human rights to free speech. If you do not, nobody else will. Elitist white supremacists mean nothing good for any of us, no matter what race we working class people are.

White skin privilege is receding fast, and it may soon disappear altogether after officials finish their job of "flattening the U.S. economy." Corporations desire to pay no more for labor inside America than they do in China, Africa, India, and other developing countries. Over 2.3 million Americans are now prison slaves, omitted from laws enforcing minimum wage, unemployment benefits, safe work environments, and denied pay for sick days, holidays, and vacations. Many former union jobs have already disappeared behind prison walls and to other countries. White people need to act fast before they are as oppressed as Blacks have always been in the USA.

Oppression in America began with the mentally ill, like it did in Nazi Germany. Later, it spread in Germany to include the isolation and murders of minorities: Jews, Blacks, and dissidents. Eventually, the entire country was surrounded by an iron curtain, and nobody was free. While we still have the First Amendment as a law, please use it to denounce my oppression for exercising my rights as listed in the Bill of Rights: Free Speech, Freedom of Press, the right to Peaceful Assembly (online and in person with right-minded people), Religious Freedom (God said I must speak up for the poor and oppressed and all who are appointed to destruction in Pv.31:8-9), and the Right to Relay Grievances to Public Officials, such as the 2003 secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, and the refusal of Memphis Shelby County Jail and the U.S. Department of Justice to respond to my FIOA requests with records and information about his secret, fatal arrest.

I do not consider honoring the Bill of Rights to be unreasonable and burdensome on public officials, but they apparently do. If you believe the rights under the U.S. Constitution and the International Declaration of Human Rights should be honored and protected for all people -- even Black women -- please sign my Petition to Free Mary Neal and sign my "pass" to speak to people in Atlanta, a very oppressive city where officials feign pride in being the birthplace of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Director of
~ Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
~ Human Rights for Prisoners March
~ Davis-MacPhail Truth Committee (an anti-DP org)
~ Dog Justice for Mentally Ill
~ Human Rights Demand, a Blogtalkradio channel (moving soon due to continuous censorship)
Website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
Black lips will be pictured here when hackers allow the photo to post. I have been warned to shut my big, black lips about prisoners' murders and the loss of human and civil rights in the USA.

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MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Hacker demons, please ask Mr. Givens if I can place pictures on my article. I know you don't realize it, because you work at my articles as often as I do, but this is MY BLOG. I should be able to insert photographs if/when I desire, isn't that so, Google?

I think it is shameful how the police and NSA and others on taxpayers' payroll think they have no obligation to obey laws like ordinary citizens. That goes for citizens police, also. Y'all act very ugly toward me, because I expect and demand due process of law regarding the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal and that other Americans with mental illness have their human rights respected and protected.