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GA Speaks to Blacks Through Johnsons' Prosecution

Kendrick Johnson's Parents Prosecuted for Demanding Due Process of law in Georgia
regarding the murder of their teenage son, Kendrick Johnson, in his high school and theft of his ORGANS 

Organ trafficking is not the rise in Africa and America, but Black families are NOT allowed to demand answers about missing and dead relatives in America. See a PressTV video at YouTube link about that.

GEORGIA SPEAKS FOR ITSELF ~ I have written much about my life in Georgia since The Cochran Firm's fraud to help cover-up the murder of Larry Neal in Shelby County Jail. I wrote about these ten(10) subjects and more:

1.  Georgia being pronounced the nation's most corrupt state in 2013. 

2.  the Confederate flag on the State-issued license plates

3.  the retribution my family endures for asking What Happened to Larry Neal, a disabled black man who was murdered in Memphis, TN in the Shelby County Jail after being secretly incarcerated there for nearly three weeks. 

4.  Georgia judges who pronounced The Cochran Firm as being nonexistent in the State of Georgia, presumably to help the firm get away with its fraud against my family. 

5.  police in Atlanta who told me I have no freedom of speech in that town and threatened me with Tasering and arrest if I did not immediately go home and stop telling people about Larry Neal's lynching and the fraud going forward from The Cochran Firm against the family of Kathryn Johnston, the 92 year old black woman who Atlanta police killed.

6.  the police officer who came to our house when we reported a burglary during which only our original court files and evidence from Neals v. The Cochran Firm lawsuits were taken. It took two days before the police department decided to confirm that the man who came really was a police officer, which I don't think he was. 

7. the fake nurse who came to provide my mother "home health care." I suspect this was an agent who planned to insert a poison suppository, such as is suspected to have killed Marilyn Monroe. The fake nurse had my mother's diaper down with her buttocks thrust out when I entered the room. My mother's doctor and nursing service both confirmed that they did NOT send a nurse. Detectives said the fake nurse's actions were not illegal since I admitted her. The 911 operator I called to report the assault told me that the fake nurse had not stolen anything. I asked her how she knew that and received no response.

8. the fake computer technician who came to my home after intercepting my phone call to a real repair service and destroyed my computers.

9. the worse night of my life - when I was followed from the grocery store with my little grandson by a government vehicle leading four other cars and called 911 from the Chevron, but no police arrived in the hour I was there terrified - and the men who followed me stayed for the entire hour, also.

10.  the two black police officers who arrived at my house to tell me I could NEVER tell their superiors that they ignore my police reports . . . and much more. 

Recently I posted news that Georgia has executed three mentally challenged men in the last two months. And you might have read my articles about Troy Davis.

But now Georgia speaks for itself! The Johnsons are being prosecuted for demanding answers about their teenage son who went to school and never came home. Kendrick Johnson was murdered by people his parents presume law enforcement want to protect from prosecution. The Johnsons face JAIL for insisting on answers.

Georgia can show you better than I can tell you. Despite all of Georgia's national icons for the civil rights movement, these parents are being prosecuted for asking what happened to their son who never came home from high school. But Georgia won't answer what happened to Kendrick and Kendrick's ORGANS. 

Incidentally, President Obama is interested in YOUR DNA. See an article entitled, "Got genes: Obama proposes genetic biobank of 1mn Americans’ DNA to fight disease" >>>

I've known for years about the "Secret War on Blacks in America and Victims' Families." That is the title of our Black History Month programs at Blogtalkradio on "Human Rights Demand" channel. We will meet every Wednesday in February at 9pm EST and examine some of the many instances where family members of victimized black people were themselves persecuted, prosecuted, and some killed because they demand justice like the Johnsons and Mary Neal. Join us.

Human Rights Demand, a Blogtalkradio channel, presents
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Pray for Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. They sued for $100m against 32 parties regarding Kendrick's wrongful death, denial of a proper investigation and answers, and the theft of his ORGANS. Some of the people sued were white people -- maybe mostly white people! Now the Johnsons face a year in jail. They must not have known that African Americans are NOT allowed to ask about lynched black boys like Kendrick and handicapped black men like Larry Neal. They should have read my articles.

See a report about Georgia corruption in the Washington Post:

Hear a radio program about the Kendrick Johnson case and its implications for Black America. Elaina Porter joined Mary Neal for a broadcast on February 3, exposing oppression against the parents of Kendrick Johnson, the 17-year-old from Lowndes County, GA whose parents are in court this week facing a year in prison because they blocked the courthouse to insist on answers as to how Kendrick was killed in his high school and his organs were stolen. (A shorter radio program was also taped on Feb. 3).

If stalkers redirect the links for our Black History Month radio broadcasts or for the Washington Post article about Georgia, please copy links and paste them into fresh tabs using Google. My phones and computers are taken over by stalkers. A police detective told me when I complained about attacks against my free speech and freedom of press that such sabotage is NOT illegal in Georgia. I was afraid to ask if that was true only for blacks who live here, but I suspect it is. 

The Johnsons should not be so impatient, like the president said. My family has waited for nearly twelve(12) years for answers about Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder in Memphis Shelby County Jail. The president said we must exercise patience about racism. Instead, the Johnsons engaged in civil disobedience and blocked the doors to the courthouse demanding answers. Don't they know their places? I have caught pure-D hell standing for justice in Georgia. Now the Johnsons are receiving their RETRIBUTION for asking about Kendrick.

How ironic that Georgia begins Black History Month by prosecuting grieving black parents for asking what happened to Kendrick Johnson, their murdered son. Georgia is speaking to Black people through Johnson's parents' prosecution. When relatives go missing like Larry Neal and Kendrick Johnson, Blacks are being conditioned to ask no questions and demand no justice, because Black lives don't matter. These Last Days are interesting.

As Elaina Porter and I were on BlogTalkRadio discussing the persecution and prosecution of Kendrick Johnson's parents, our radio program ended after only 14 minutes. We taped another broadcast on February 3 at 3pm EST and invited guests to call-in (347)857-3293. The link to access that Kendrick Johnson show is above. We hope "they" allow your access. 

Do these people REALLY expect black people in the USA to say NOTHING while our teenagers and disabled loved ones like Larry Neal are murdered? Kendrick Johnson's ORGANS were stolen. The medical examiner ruled his death homicide. But rather than looking for the killer, there appears to be a cover-up, and his parents are being prosecuted for demanding answers. 

Kendrick Johnson deserved his life. Larry Neal deserved his life. These people CENSORED US TO HIDE THE PROSECUTION OF KENDRICK JOHNSON'S PARENTS! I cannot stop them from killing mentally ill black men like Larry Neal or teenagers like Kendrick Johnson, but they will NOT do it without my protest. I obey GOD, who said, "Speak for the voiceless and everyone who is appointed to destruction." Prov.31:8-9. 

Retribution is happening to Blacks who expose and oppose oppression. We have a right to either discuss this issue or expose censorship to the United Nations and the entire world. I need affidavits from everyone who is prevented from calling "Human Rights Demand" and "NNIA1" for any shows. The show at the link below should have lasted 45 minutes, but after only 14 minutes, CoIntelPro or some other oppressor ended our broadcast.

Human Rights for Prisoners March - GA vs. Kendrick Johnson's Parents. Radio program at National Network in Action - NNIA1 at Blogtalkradio 2/3/15.

Thank you for your interest in how America contains news about crimes against humanity that happen here. Justice is gagged. IF either link in this article fails to connect you to appropriate web pages or the Blogtalkradio program taped February 3, 2015, then please copy the link and paste it into a new tab to reach the censored data. Thank you.

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