Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Boycott 4 Justice; Our Lives Matter

Only Big Business can order changes in the USA. Make them care about justice. Move protests to suburban malls for increased safety and effectiveness, and Boycott 4 Justice! (Stay on public property, and get permits where applicable.) Protesters must learn to Boycott 4 Justice, or march and mourn FOREVER over corpse after corpse in perpetuum. To us, Black lives matter. The lives of mentally ill and homeless people matter. Mass incarceration and wrongful convictions matter. To decision makers, only money matters. Enlist Big Business to care about justice by withholding what matters most to them - money.

92.1 million: Consumers who shopped on Black Friday in 2013. 248.7 million: Number of shoppers who were in stores and online over Thanksgiving weekend in 2013, up 0.5 percent over the previous year. (Stats are from nrf.com). In 2014, DO NO SHOPPING. Make Big Business demand justice for Michael Brown and other police victims. Demand federal charges against Wilson.

All lives matter. We have the power to effect change peacefully and without bloodshed. We have CONSUMER POWER! Let's use it. Power to the people!

On November 24, 2018, the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri concluded that Officer Darren Wilson killing an unarmed surrendered black teenager, Michael Brown, did not matter. His death cost elitists nothing. Marching and burning local businesses cost them nothing. Temper tantrums were expected. Over sixty protesters in Ferguson were arrested and will now pay bonds or remain incarcerated and contribute to the prison industrial complex. Demonstrations are largely ineffective except for rallying support. The support is here. It is now time to launch a successful boycott throughout the 2014 Holidays. 

We must now Boycott 4 Justice to end unrequited murders of our children.

We must Boycott 4 Justice to end police terrorism and judicial misconduct against our human and civil rights activists like Rev. Pinkney, to stop the corporate takeover of public land and utilities like water, to stop the slaughter of surrendered suspects like Michael Brown, and stop spying and censorship through NSA.

We must now Boycott 4 Justice to end police aggression against our homeless people.

We must Boycott 4 Justice to save our relatives and neighbors with mental illness from mass arrest and wrongful deaths.

We must Boycott 4 Justice to stop endless wars.

Boycott for Justice because OUR LIVES MATTER!

Picket only at suburban malls. The shoppers should be ashamed to violate our Boycott 4 Justice throughout the 2014 Holidays. It will take more than temper tantrums to effect positive change. No shopping online or in person. Enlist help from Big Business to eliminate injustice in America. If marches and petitions matter to decision makers, Troy Davis would still be alive. Only military might and money matter to elitists. Remain peaceful, and keep your money. Power to the people. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE.


Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

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