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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Freedom of Press Denied Mary Neal

Dog Justice is needed for Americans

CoIntelPro prevents this tweet from posting at my Twitter account, where I am @koffietime

@TampaSeniors @righttolife @NAMIOC @Delaproser DHS Target Practice: Pregnant Women, Children, the Elderly #guncontrol

It appears that while Americans are subjected to gun control, the Department of Homeland Security is training shooters to kill non-traditional targets - pregnant women, old people, and little children. It probably requires practice to acclimate security forces to shooting such Americans. Read more about this if they let you at "DHS TARGET PRACTICE: Pregnant Women, Children and the Elderly" in the DogJustice blog

I repeat for all who do not know what our home is becoming. Other February 2013 tweets are below:

CoIntelPro prevents this tweet from posting at my Twitter account, where I am @koffietime

@TampaSeniors @righttolife @NAMIOC @Delaproser DHS Target Practice: Pregnant Women, Children, the Elderly #guncontrol

It appears that while Americans are subjected to gun control, the Department of Homeland Security is training shooters to kill non-traditional targets - pregnant women, old people, and little children. It probably requires practice to acclimate security forces to shooting such Americans. Read more about this if they let you at "DHS TARGET PRACTICE: Pregnant Women, Children and the Elderly" in the DogJustice blog

Caffeine from @koffietime

  1.   I wish CoIntelPro would allow me to get my Guardian password in my gmail account: 
  2. God appointed Jesus heir of all things and through him he made the universe - Heb 1:2 (please retweet)
  3.  Right-to-Lifers should care abt people who cleared the birth canal on death row in Alabama, incl Thomas Arthur, innocent per DNA
  4. Alabama GOP Moves Closer To Shutting Down The Last Abortion Clinics In The State  
  5. Salon/: "Study finds 'liberals' more likely to favor targeted killings once they know it’s Obama's policy"
  6.   Warren Hill got a stay of execution. Don't you want to Shout?!  See  rpt  
  7.  I wish you would lock my followers in unless they request to leave. CoIntelPro removes them, and the mentally ill need them all.
  8.  I have done what I could 4  , a retarded man who sinned like we all have. Heaven help him & us all
  9.  GA may kill a mentally challenged man today: Warren Hill. Killed Rhode in 2010. NY is rounding up "the nuts" 
  10.  They were desperate to control where and what I could say to help . GA says the retarded man dies tomorrow. 
  11.  The stalkers made the new computer go black for a moment, then I had to sign on as a guest. CoIntelPro is my administrator.
  12.  Sad news. I had hoped for net freedom to help. CoIntelPro took over my new GoogleChromeBook in less than 1 hr.
  13. Hello,  Like Nazi Germany, they're rounding up the mentally ill: "Scoop the Nuts"  Minorities next?
  14. Thanks for RT     Thanks  and  for sharing my articles & tweets.
  15. Welcome    Did my cyberstalkers let you stay  ?
  16. America cannot go on this way. Killing mentally challenged people and relying on God to bless us. Please obey God. Have mercy on
  17.  Please Governor, please, please save Warren Hill. Please have mercy, sir.  Justices, please help Warren Hill.Pls
  18. Warren Hill, I play "Jesus Is Love" for inmates facing death. I'm so sad 4U I have no words and neither does the song
  19.  GA got the message but does not CARE about Scotus. The ritual killing of mentally ill men continues in GA, especially blacks.
  20. Only in  could  face execution even after a judge reaffirms his mental retardation
  21. Another must read : State medical experts recant. Will execute , man w mental retardation?
  22.  I hoped to have one night of net freedom for DP inmate . Stalkers took over my new Google Samsung in less than 1 hr.
  23.  "Georgia Murders the Mentally Ill" The declared most corrupt state in USA kills Warren Hill tomorrow. IQ is 70.
  24. “Prison has become the new poverty trap,” said Bruce Western a Harvard sociologist. “It has become a routine event 4 poor African-American+
  25.  Please help LynneStewart. Imprisoned former atty is elderly with cancer 
  26. State of the Union 2013: Response of The Revolutionary Party.
  27. Proposed Legislation submitted to U.S. Congress and State Legislatures by Lawless America:  via
  28. Record Audience for Lawless America Show about filing Criminal Charges against Corrupt Judges and Go 
  29. Drone privacy scare: Feds don't know who is responsible for oversight, GAO reveals - Washington Times:  via
  30.   Teach law students about UNETHICAL attys like TheCochranFirm who got sued for RICO racketeering last wk.
  31.  if your kids are in private school & you want to cut the   on the local state and/or national level
  32.   Fascists should start round-up of mentally ill at NYPD.   
  33. There is not One like my Jesus!
  34. Be who you are, and say what you feel, because those who mind dont matter, and those who matter dont mind  Dr Seuss
  35.  Who all wants to sue TheCochranFirm under RICO like Atty Randy McMurray did? Hear him on Feb 17 RevPinkney Blogtalk Show tape.
  36.    Whenever I enter  via Facebook, the "log-out" option is inoperable!
  37.  ALL executioners go to hell. Ps. 102:19-20, Heb. 13:3, Matt.25:46
  38.  Blacks and the mentally ill fared poorly in USA, too. GA kills one Tue 
  39.  Useless asking 4 a Dorner probe.It's like asking WHY/HOW THEY KILLED LARRY NEAL
  40. Are there any peaceful solutions left? Citizen disarmament generally leads to either tyranny, genocide or rƎVO⅃ution. 
  41.  What part of child rape and money laundering do you not understand? 
  42.   Mapping brains to see how many need re-education camps?
  43.  Don't worry. He'll probably start with blacks and
  44.   RandyMcMurray TOLD why he's suing TheCochranFirm 4 RICO racketeering Feb 17 RevPinkney Blogtalk. Listen2Tape!
  45. Obama planning a decade-long effort to map the human brain: | Start with  Biden, that'll only take a week.
  46.  Let's stop building buildings with WINDOWS! Some people jump!  
  47. Congrats to President Obama: will be awarded one of Israel's highest medals for devotion to strengthening that State
  48. PROFITING FROM MISERY: Our corporate masters view prisons as they do education, health care and war - as a business. 
  49. Idaho Executive Slaps Black Toddler on Flight, Calls Him ‘Nigger Baby’ 
  50.  Oh my! Did  sue TheCochranFirm, too? They have cyberstalkers.
  51.   Randy McMurray spoke abt his RICO Act lawsuit against CochranFirm on Feb 17 Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Show. FRAUDS!
  52. RT : Expanding The Reach Of HIPAA Data Security And Privacy Requirements  
  53.  Listen 2 Randy McMurray reveal TheCochranFirmFraud on Rev.Pinkney  Feb 17 tape!
  54.   should do a documentary on secret police murder to make $  - U should 2.
  55.  Depression comes from being OVERWHELMED. Give your cares to .
  56.  Pls publish photos of the KLAN RALLY they plan in Memphis. Google it.
  57.   I live in most CORRUPT state: GA. KILLED Rhode and plan to kill  Tue - mentally ill men!
  58.   Abolitionists, get ready to sue for 's WRONGFUL DEATH. Make DP cost more, particularly mentall ill!
  59. NYC schools spent $20.6 million for transport passes, mileage and taxis during bus drivers' strike:  -SS
  60.  Uuum! I love gumbo! Rev.Pinkney plans to picket NAACP in Baltimore Apr.3-4.
  61.  I know Washington D.C. should be listed. $645Billion for 2013 NDAA; $800,000/yr per EACH Guantanamo inmate!
  62.  Rev, I love terrorizing demons with TRUTH. See freespeakblog 
  63.  Excuse me. What does "tweet-rt-disabled" mean? It shows up after all my tweets.
  64.  He probably hates half-white people. You think? Hope he lost more than a job.
  65. Take a  tour of the   of the men who held the   (including )
  66. You never know how close you are. One more push and the door just might open. Don't give up on your dream.
  67. Did y'all see the side-by-side photos comparing LL CoolJay and ? Small differences only in chin and ears. Gee whiz - a FF
  68.  CoIntelPro is hiding the secret arrest (kidnapping) of my mentally, physically disabled brother & his murder
  69.  CoIntelPro blocks me from your site. They disable gmail function so I cannot receive password via email. Report
  70.  CoIntelPro blocks me from  -Says "The e-mail could not be sent.Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail()
  71.    This is how they do it. "Graphic footage - Murder of Ernest Duenez Junior How mean is that?
  72.  For 600 years, no popes retired. But here's a man who does not intend to work all his life. You go, Pope! Have a good one.
  73. Vatican Changing of the Guard 
  74.  i commented at an article saying Fed Reserve has been foreclosed upon  asking if I could have Janine's share
  75. FYI: Judgment expected on government's unpaid work schemes
  76. Talking about gun control when you supply guns to secret armies that are killing innocent women & children in other countries, USA interest.
  77. What Chris Dorner revealing about L.A. P.D.not hard to convince Black People, all their lives they have fallen victims of Police Brutality.
  78.  End Game. Soon we'll have a hero who unites earth under one world gov't and brings about peace. Next, his claws come out...
  79. In the Money, Federal Reserve, World Banks Foreclosed On
  80.  It is sooo nice that there was at least ONE positive Change.
  81. 2012 Was the Safest Year for Airlines Globally Since 1945
  82.  Remember ousted CochranFirm partner RandyMcMurray? He's suing under RICO. His atty will be on RevPinkney Sun.
  83.  Listen!  Explains Why It Bothers Him That PrezObama Used MLK's Bible  Umph!
  84.   Gettler, the mentally challenged man who reported was abused by LAPD officer VIDEO
  85.  Malcolm Shabazz was reportedly released on Feb 8, after the Iranian media event ended where he'd have addressed U.S. RACISM.
  86.  This McMurray: One Partner Sues Another for Buying Sex from Staff His atty decided to tell all abt it!
  87.  A heads up: One day The Cochran Firm Fraud may come before you under RICO. Listen to Rev Pinkney Show Sun. w/ McMurray's atty
  88. The End Game is exciting but scary. One day, there will be "Peace in the Valley" ~Elvis 
  89. Outspoken Federal Judge Draws Judicial Misconduct Complaint - Unscripted remarks from the bench about fried chicken,...
  90.  See how prejudice some of these judges are? Black Relatives Killed by Police? Just Eat Yo Chicken and Shut Up!
  91. Via~~ No Justice No Peace Dorner vs LAPD Case shared a link. ****OKAY! HE WE GO SHIT IS HITTING THE FAN AGAINST...
  92. Via~~Robert Gettinger*** ****SHUT UP GET PROMOTED, Evidence is surfacing that an officer involved in the Rodney... 
  93. RT  - New post: Randolph Arledge Freed After Wrongful Conviction In Carolyn Armstrong's Stabbing Death http://t.c... 
  94.  If the plaintiff cannot sequester the judge, he probably won't be allowed to win. They're all lawyers together, you know.
  95. Fraud victim files civil suit against ex-councilor | 2013-02-11 | Indianapolis Business Journal |  
  96.  "Indiana House Approves Bill Allowing Homeowners to Kill Police." Marissa Alexander suggests "whites only."
  97. Breaking: "IT'S NOT ME," Dorner reportedly says. "The manifesto is ideas for a screenplay." Call off the manhunt, LAPD.
  98.  Listen to the  Blogtalk show Sunday. Atty 4 Randy McMurray, Esq. will verify THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD against blacks!
  99.  Tell all lawyers to listen to the  Blogtalk show Sunday. Randy McMurray's atty will verify THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD!
  100.  GuessWhoCalledMe! Randy McMurray's atty. Said he's suing TheCochranFirmFrauds under RICO. I said, "We R 2!"
  101. *** Mary Neal Oppression is a trip! I dreamed The Cochran Firm sent their burglars to my house (again?). In... 
  102. RT : Federal Court Halts Louisiana Execution As State Rushes Out New Execution Process | Death Penalty In
  103.   He makes hit lists and executes people without due process of law - NOT Christopher Dorner! 
  104.  Happy belated birthday ! See "News from Mary Neal's Facebook Wall" Videos, photos, and news!
  105.  WHY did y'all arrest Malcolm X's grandson? Malcolm Shabazz was arrested as he attempted to go to Iran
  106.  Leave BILL WINDSOR and  alone! They are in D.C. to meet w/ representatives about CORRUPTION.
  107.   Stop NDAA! Sign this petition to support our lawsuit and protect our rights!   - 

1 comment:

Mary Neal said...

I had hoped that my family's justice quest regarding Larry Neal's lynching and my terrorism following The Cochran Firm fraud would end on a quietly victorious note. But after viewing a movie called "Maafa21," which is available in the next article in FreeSpeakBlog, I recognize that elitists probably would not allow The Cochran Firm to pay damages and apologize for covering up my disabled brother's murder while under secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail if the firm wanted to do so. None of them in that "eugenics/ genocide club" think it is necessary to treat Africans in America like real people. They believe us to be "imbeciles" and "useless eaters" and "the Negro problem" since slavery was declared illegal except for convicts, which is why America has the highest prison population in the history of the world. Upholding human and civil rights is not a popular idea in Washington at this time, either. Access the article and full-length movie about the eugenics/genocide program are available at "BLACK GENOCIDE Maafa21" at the link:

McMurray's documentary proof (if you need more) that The Cochran Firm engages in deliberately false or misleading advertising and does shoddy legal work that rises to the level of RICO racketeering will be published in a subsequent article. After that, please look for "Cochran Firm Fraud" wherever you buy books.

Testimony by former Cochran Firm attorneys, including Shawn Chapman Holley, Randy McMurray, and Vickie Gilliam regarding The Cochran Firm fraud are at this article:

Randy McMurray: "The Cochran Firm Racketeers!"