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Bishop Eddie Long Persecuted by New World Order Media

(14 paragraphs, 8 links, 2 photos)   BISHOP EDDIE LONG, of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, was sued by several young men alleging sexual misconduct.  The fact that mainstream media divulged the lawsuits against Bishop Long proves one thing:  Bishop Long is not in the New World Order. If he were, the lawsuits against him would have been censored just like the lawsuits against The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm are censored (Google "Cochran Firm Fraud").  It is likely that Bishop Long's lawsuits were disclosed in order to lessen the weight of the bishop's support for certain political candidates. The fact that allegations were made, lawsuits were filed, and the news was reported does not necessarily indicate guilt.  Newsworthiness about such lawsuits is determined not on the merits of the case, but because of how noteworthy the defendants are. Bishop Long is no more famous than The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm is, but lawsuits against The Cochran Firm are protected from public disclosure, and attempts by individuals to divulge the information online are also censored by illegal cyberstalking.

Consider the initial news source about the lawsuits against Bishop Long:  FOX News.  After FOX broke the story on September 21 about the lawsuits against Bishop Long, other media had to also report.  FOX News and other media continue commercials for The Cochran Firm, but refuse to report that The Cochran Firm was sued repeatedly for defrauding the firm's minority clients to protect murderous police from wrongful death lawsuits.  Since the media protects some public figures from exposure when sued and exposes others, it would behoove people to understand the motivation for exposing Bishop Long's legal woes to the public.  Last night as FOX News reported developments in the Long case, the reporter stated that Bishop Long had made a $5,000 contribution to Roy Barnes' campaign to be Georgia's next governor.  What did that have to do with the young men's allegations against Bishop Long?  Nothing.  But it may have had everything to do with why FOX News reported the lawsuits against Bishop Long while it and other media companies censor news about lawsuits against The Cochran Firm.  Please note the following information:

1.    When my family sued The Cochran Firm in 2005 for pretending (under contract) to represent us in a wrongful death legal action against Memphis Shelby County Jail after my brother's secret arrest and murder there in 2003, mainstream media refused to report that suit was filed.  The Cochran Firm actually withheld all legal action regarding my brother's murder in order to let the Tennessee statute of limitations pass without my family filing suit timely for the wrongful death of Larry Neal, a mentally and physically handicapped black man -  - Larry Neal's murder was kept out of the news, and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) knowingly accepted fraudulent reports from Shelby County Jail that omitted Larry's death.  Many War on Terror detainees were essentially kidnapped, abused and killed in America's Gitmo and Guantanamo prisons during that time period, but conspirators do not want it revealed that a harmless, handicapped American was similarly treated. For more than seven years, the DOJ has refused to release any arrest or incarceration records or investigate Larry Neal's secret arrest and death because that would necessitate criminal charges against his murderers and officials who became accessories after the fact.

2.    When the Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm lied in Georgia Superior Court in 2005 and denied The Cochran Firm has any Georgia offices, which negated all of the firm's advertising for the office at 127 Peachtree Street in Atlanta, the media refused to report it.

3.    When Georgia Superior Court Judge Wendy Shoob dismissed the Neals vs. The Cochran Firm lawsuit in May 2006 (over five months after the legal deadline for the judge to grant The Cochran Firm's Motion to Dismiss), the order stated that our lawsuit was served wrong because there is no Cochran Firm office in Georgia.  The Cochran Firm is open and operating every day under that identity, receives mail under that identity, advertises itself as being The Cochran Firm in phone books, on Internet, and television commercials, and through lawyer referral services, but the media refused to report the firm denied having a Georgia office in Georgia Superior Court and that it denied having a Tennessee office in United States District Court (USDC).  The firm's perjury is allowed in court and shielded by the media.  The lawsuits the media hides for The Cochran Firm include suit by the Neals, the Jacksons, Ms. Martinez, and its former attorneys, Bolton and Chapham-Holley.  I am sure there are more clients and former employers who sued the firm for fraud, because defrauding people is habitual with The Firm.

4.    When the Neals sued The Cochran Firm under the diversity rule in United States District Court for fraud, breach of contract, and deliberate malpractice to protect police who killed Larry Neal, the media kept the damaging information from the public in order that The Cochran Firm could continue to defraud bereaved black families and other minority clients who sue police departments or New World Order companies that The Cochran Firm has agreed to protect.  USDC Judge Batten ruled in February 2009 that The Cochran Firm did not cause the Neals to lose the opportunity to sue Shelby County Jail although the firm (a) entered into a contract to be Larry's wrongful death attorneys under a secret conflict of interest, (b) then held the wrongful death case secretly inactive while Tennessee's statute of limitations ran, but (c) lied to the family about legal work that was not actually being done until it was too late to sue Shelby County Jail.  This should have been a jury decision, but the lawsuit was again roadblocked from going before a jury.  When the injustice system wants control over the outcome of civil and criminal cases, they are prevented from going before a jury.  That is why condemned man Troy Davis' murder case was not re-tried before a jury, and it is why Georgia passed a new law in 2006 stating that if police officers claim self defense when they kill citizens (and most of them do), those cases can skip going to jury trial, even if the officers are indicted by a grand jury for murder.  The Constitutional right to trial by jury is being eliminated like many other civil rights Americans hold dear. 
5.    Mainstream media also censors reports that The Cochran Firm withheld filing lawsuit against the City of Atlanta regarding the 2006 police murder of Kathryn Johnston, the 92-year-old woman who died in the nation's worst no-knock warrant case.  Johnston's survivors had a two-year statute of limitations to file suit for the elder's murder-by-police.  The Cochran Firm held a televised press conference and lied to its client (Johnston's niece, Sarah Dozier) and to the entire world when lead attorney Hezekiah Sistrunk falsely claimed that a lawsuit demanding $18 million had been filed on November 21, 2007.  The truth is that no lawsuit was ever filed and served to defendants regarding Dozier vs. City of Atlanta.  In January 2008, The Cochran Firm pretended to remove the lawsuit (that Sistrunk falsely claimed he electronically filed) to United States District Court (USDC).  Judge Wendy Shoob's father, Judge Marvin Shoob, presided.  However, Sistrunk could not "remove" a lawsuit to federal court that was never filed in any court and served to defendants.  Georgia State Court found no evidence that the Dozier lawsuit had ever been filed when the records were searched in August 2010.  Every legal professional on the case knew the documents Sistrunk filed with USDC were fraudulent since State Court conducted an exhaustive search of computer records and determined that no Dozier lawsuit was filed in that court.  In August 2010, Kathryn Johnston's niece accepted Atlanta's offer to settle the (nonexistent) lawsuit for just $4.9 million, meaning that Sarah Dozier's attorneys worked against Kathryn Johnston's estate to save the City of Atlanta $13.1 million. The Cochran Firm's fraud against Johnston's survivors is censored in mainstream news, just as The Cochran Firm's fraud against the Neal family after Larry Neal was murdered following weeks of secret arrest in Memphis is censored.  This is undoubtedly a bigger news story than the lawsuits against Bishop Long, because it implies a conspiracy between Atlanta City attorneys, The Cochran Firm, and federal court to defraud Kathryn Johnston's family. I asked for the civil action number for the Dozier case in its court of origin at City of Atlanta Attorneys office, and did not receive one.  Then I checked in person and demanded re-checks at Georgia State Court and Georgia Superior Court.  Clerks confirmed that no Dozier lawsuit was filed (Telisha Blackshear in State Court and Al Clark in Superior Court.)  More illegal acts may have been done to cover the conspiracy since I met with clerks of court in August.  The media refuses to report that Kathryn Johnston's family was defrauded by The Cochran Firm to save its real client, the government.  They also defraud Latinos and Native Americans -

See more information about The Cochran Firm fraud and its protection by the media at this blog -

JOURNALISTIC DUTY OR POLITICAL ATTACK?   The censored lawsuits against The Cochran Firm prove that the national media blitz regarding Bishop Long is not driven by the public's right to know.  The media's refusal to report lawsuits against NEW OWNERS of The Cochran Firm makes it clear that news is censored at will, and what media owners give coverage has nothing to do with protecting the public interest.  The same media that hounds Bishop Long refuses to report to consumers of legal services that The Cochran Firm was declared by Superior Court to be nonexistent in Georgia in 2006 and that the firm lied about filing a lawsuit for Kathryn Johnston's family.  Media censorship helps The Cochran Firm continue defrauding minority clients - something it does repeatedly, according to former Cochran Firm attorney Shawn Chapman Holley during her interview on NPR, available online at this link:   (If cyberstalkers render the link dysfunctional, Google "Shawn Holley NPR Cochran Firm" to hear the attorney's interview.)

Why does the media censor lawsuits against The Cochran Firm but gleefully report the young men's lawsuits against Bishop Long?  The answer is evident:  Media owners are committed to protecting the credibility of The Cochran Firm but seek to destroy the Bishop Long's credibility.  The timing for the lawsuits and negative press are opportune to reduce Bishop Long's influence on the 2010 elections.  New Birth Missionary Baptist Church is a mega church with over 25,000 regular members, and millions of other people listen to Bishop Long's messages through regular television and radio broadcasts. The bishop is wealthy in his own right and has no need to sell-out to gain wealth, power, or fame.  Obviously, Bishop Long has the potential for significant political influence which can be marginalized by scandal - right in time for Georgia's gubernatorial election and national congressional elections.

While no one can assess Bishop Long's guilt or innocence regarding the allegations put forth in the lawsuits he faces without more information, I congratulate New Birth for having a leader who is obviously not in the New World Order.  Many other public figures are, including attorneys, elected officials, religious and community leaders. See evidence in this article at the link provided:    New World Order Nullifies Constitutional Rights for Neal Family  - Many crimes have been committed and continue to be done to prevent disclosure of the fact that The Cochran Firm's mission is to defraud its minority clients nationwide, particularly after police violence, to reduce or eliminate government payouts to victims and survivors.  I notified Bishop Long's attorney at Gillens Withers & Lake, LLC what Bishop Long must do to immediately stop being hounded by the media.  Bishop Long need only ask the New World Orderlies in the media why they censor news about lawsuits against The Cochran Firm, and reporters would run from Bishop Long faster than dogs fleeing a dogcatcher. The New World Order media bosses will insist that reporters pack up their news vans and exit fast if Bishop Longs says three words:  "COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD." 

MEDIA COVER-UP - When I corresponded for hours with Wall Street Journal about The Cochran Firm Fraud via email a few years ago, the next day I found that all of my emails to and from that media had been deleted from my Yahoo email box.  Cyberdogs did not know I had already saved the conversations on disc, which I share.  I am careful to save and share video proof of cybercensorship, pictures of people who stalk me, and proof that media companies and many officials are aware of the terrorism against my family for asking "What happened to Larry Neal?"  I was also interviewed by a public broadcasting reporter several times over a two-week period.  She planned a documentary about Larry's secret jailhouse death and The Cochran Firm fraud, but her editors would not allow disclosure. Cox Enterprises is dedicated to censoring news about The Cochran Firm fraud against minorities.  Cox, which owns Atlanta Journal Constitution and WGA-Channel 2,  ignored a federal subpoena and release The Cochran Firm's advertising records during the Neals vs. The Cochran Firm lawsuit in federal court. Furthermore, USDC Judge Batten refused to grant plaintiffs' Motion to Compel Cox to release The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office's advertising records.  Those records prove that while The Cochran Firm was in court denying it had any Georgia or Tennessee law offices, legal services at those offices was being advertised prolifically to millions of people.  In fact, The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office was simultaneously pretending to defend Kathryn Johnston's family in the same federal courthouse during that period.  The effort to expose The Cochran Firm fraud online takes courage, persistence, and money.  I am stalked in person and online, censored, and my home computers and telephone are attacked continuously to hide The Cochran Firm's frauds against its minority clients. For instance, when I log into my Yahoo email box, the email box immediately shuts down (error code #2 or #7) to prevent my communicating with the hundreds of African American and prisoner activist Yahoo Groups I joined. Neither the police nor the federal government will investigate the crimes against my First Amendment rights, Larry Neal's secret murder, or The Cochran Firm fraud against the Neals, Kathryn Johnston's family, and other clients of that Cointelpro law firm (Google "Mary Neal 911" for my worst stalking event, when police ignored my family's 911 call).

The Cochran Firm fraud makes one wonder what else the media censors for New World Orderlies across the country.  If Bishop Long was willing to participate in the plot against minority people and the working class in America, mainstream media would have refused to report that he faces lawsuits, just as they hide lawsuits against The Cochran Firm.  Because I realize media bosses wish to discredit Bishop Long during election time in order to reduce the impact of his support for certain candidates, I will be sure to vote on November 2, and hope you will, also.   


Justice is a fascinating subject.  Let us resist returning to the horrors of the 1960's and 70's when riots were common after police murders because justice could not be found in court for black people.  Government officials should resist using unethical lawyers at The Cochran Firm to reduce or eliminate payouts to victims and survivors of police violence.  It is unfair to honest law officers and betrays the ongoing sacrifices of our military who risk life and limb to uphold the Constitution.  Liberty and justice for ALL has never been a reality, but everyone who loves America and embraces righteousness has a duty to see that equal justice remains our nation's ideal.  FreeSpeakBlog is used to expose many problems in the justice system, report censored and under-reported news, and notify the public about people who need support and circumstances that need improvement.  For more articles on urgent, current justice issues from a laywoman's viewpoint, please see the handy index of articles at FreeSpeakBlog's left margin.  Share a link to any of my articles by using the AddThis feature, which is also in the upper left margin at the blog, or republish them in their entirety on your website.  I appreciate help overcoming censorship surrounding the secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically handicapped brother and exposing problems experienced by other victims in the justice system.  Follow me on Twitter, where I am Koffietime, and I will follow you back!

Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (advocacy group to help the least of these, His brethren)
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Mary Neal pickets Georgia Superior Court for wrongly dismissing her lawsuit against The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm, preventing the family's allegations of deliberate malpractice and fraud from proceeding to jury trial.  Mary also picketed the racist, hypocritical media at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday, September 26, 2010, to show thousands of New Birth members how the New World Order media censors lawsuits it wants to hide, such as lawsuits against The Cochran Firm, while exploiting lawsuits against Bishop Long and New Birth.  Bishop Long can find more than FIVE SMOOTH STONES in this article.  It is a virtual rock garden.

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