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Home Invasion Threatened Against Mary Neal

White folks and their Negroes in Georgia, Tennessee, and Washington, D.C. do not believe my black family deserve any recompense for the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal. As a result of believing that and working toward it myself, I am continually surveilled, censored, and targeted for MUCH WORSE. There is a criminal conspiracy against me for seeking justice for Larry Neal and for other mentally ill people who are targeted for imprisonment and wrongful deaths like my brother suffered. See Larry Neal's wrongful death website at the first of eleven(11) urls in this article, which also has email addresses below:
Things seemingly got more intense when I published an article about killings of mentally ill Georgians June 17:
"Killing Mentally Ill Georgians Is Habitual"

I was told that the house next door had a break-in today. Later I was told that the house next door to that one had a break-in two days ago. I don't believe it for a minute. The man implied that since robbers are going down a row, our house is next. ALL the houses around me are occupied by people who I suspect are citizens police. As neighbors left our street during the housing crash a few years ago, the houses remained empty until 2009, when Judge Batten wrongly dismissed our lawsuit against The Cochran Firm frauds. Then, ALL the empty houses filled with people within two weeks. Strangely, the new neighbors already knew each other. They literally took turns watching out house. One day, I kept a woman in her yard for two hours sweeping a clean driveway just by sitting on my porch. I felt that she had to stay outside as long as I remained outside, and she did. It was very hot, too.

Neighbors have moved in and out of the houses over the years since 2009, but they do one thing wrong -- the same people who visited the neighbors who moved out also visit the new ones who move in. How likely is that? The Atlanta metro area is huge with a large population. How likely is it that the people on my street all have the exact same visitors as the neighbors who moved out of the houses months before? I figure they all work for the same boss, and free rent for these houses is part of their payment. There is no way the quality of some of the people in these homes have trust funds, so how can so many of them stay home all day and not work? Section 8 does not pay for extra bedrooms. Inhabitants of from one to four people don't qualify for three- to four-bedroom homes under Section 8. Some of the neighbors have been cops. I believe the woman who moved from the yellow house across the street on Mother's Day weekend was a cop. I saw her in a uniform more than once, but I was not able to tell if it was a police uniform or another kind.

I just want to set the record straight in case they still plan to stage a murderous dramatization and have been doing fake break-ins so they can excuse a home invasion here.

First of all, we have nothing desirable in my home. Of course, they want my discs and flash drives, and they want my Cochran Firm Fraud manuscript. I hereby give permission for those holding my records to RELEASE THEM ALL AT ONCE. DON'T DRIBBLE THEM OUT IF YOU HEAR OF MY HARM BY ANY SOURCE WHATSOEVER. SEND THEM TO MULTIPLE MEDIA SOURCES, BECAUSE THEY HAVE ARRANGEMENTS WITH SOME. DO NOT FORGET TO SEND COPIES TO CONTACTS IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES: Iran, Venezuela, Russia, China, various countries Africa, etc.

Read a similar scenario they planned for our house in 2014:

In God I trust. I continue to beg, "Please don't continue killing mental patients on our streets and behind bars then censor and persecute myself and other people who advocate for 'change.'" Don't be Nazi, America. Nazis were not only those who did the genocide in Germany but also those who allowed it. The video below was made when hackers attacked this article as I edited it to add the embedded video and photo before it. See the video below, which I published to stop hackers' attack on this article.

Georgia is full of racists and Confederate blacks who love being slaves for a a pat of butter on their bread. There doesn't seem to be a genuine human rights advocate here -- in churches, NAACP, SCLC, King Center, etc., unless there are some in grassroots organizations. I have approached all of them for help and found nothing but blacks who are sold out like the oreos in The Cochran Firm are.

The police here  seem to work right along with my oppressors. In fact, I would say some officers ARE my oppressors. They threaten me, have sent fake police to my house to answer the call after my paper records were stolen, ignored Mama's sexual assault by a FAKE NURSE (a Cointelpro agent). THESE ARE THE MOST CORRUPT, EVIL, MERCENARY, RACIST HYPOCRITES IN THE WORLD.

Don't warn me about robberies at my "neighbors'" houses. I have not had a real neighbor since my next door neighbors moved last year. They could not believe how high their house sold for to a corporation - not a family. Some whites moved in the house first. About a week after they moved in, I saw the same man in the white truck who used to follow me home from work every night in 2008 leave their house early one morning. I had suspected they were CoIntelPro before seeing him, but seeing him leave the house was all the proof I needed. I wrote about seeing him, and they soon moved. See our lawsuit at USDC. Atty. Angela Mason, of The Cochran Firm, should know his name. I reported a vehicle following me home from work at night in my federal lawsuit, and she supplied the color of the vehicle and the man driving it in a pleading to Judge Batten. Stupid.

After they cleared out, some blacks moved in, and one of them told us he got robbed today. I saw the same red truck visiting him that visits the house where the woman lives who a U.S. Marshal reported as having a murderous son who killed U.S. Navy men Oklahoma. What terrible liars. If U.S. Navy personnel had been robbed and shot to death by a black man with an automatic weapon, that would have been on national news. The woman who lives there used to follow me all over town. I got so sick of being followed and afraid of their intentions that I stopped driving. Then she moved in two doors down just to watch my house. Sometimes she comes home in her blue Plymouth and changes cars to her black caddie and leaves immediately. Therefore, I figure she has other people to follow.

One day, "they" made a big production of having a public auction of the one-level house across the street, since I had complained about the houses changing hands without any "for rent" or "for sale" signs whatsoever. The woman who moved in really did get robbed within a couple of months of her arrival. They blew her cover when a yellow Mercedes came to help secure her house. I could never forget that car. It was the same yellow Mercedes - an older model driven by an older black man with brown skin - who followed me the night stalkers surrounded me at Chevron during the most frightening experience I have had from these Georgia outlaws and traitors. Therefore, the public sale was just a front. See the article about that night when I was surrounded by a government car leading four other cars and cops REFUSED to come:

FAMILY, if they do a home invasion on the babies and me, don't waste time tracking their stalkers. It is The Cochran Firm partners and local government officials, probably working on orders from Washington. You know what to do, but not immediately.

STICK TO GANG STALKING, CRIMINALS. YOU DON'T WANT A PIECE OF ME. GOD FIGHTS MY BATTLES. Burrell Ellis is out of office and facing prison about something that had nothing to do with me. A DeKalb County Sheriff also lost his job in an unrelated circumstance time Ellis took office. The Tennessee Waltz corruption sent some of those black Shelby County Commissioners to prison who were in office when Larry Neal, my mentally, physically disabled brother was murdered and they covered up his kidnapping and arrest, and got The Cochran Firm to help them by defrauding my family. God will get you, too. You are too stupid to believe in God, but I am not.

Do I really need to remind you people of Barbara Streisand's mistake? I made sure that you could do NOTHING to me or mine without exposing your entire murder cover-up regarding Larry Neal before I ever approached you the first time. I knew when the long, black car sat in front of my house on the morning after I spoke with David McLaughlin and he confessed his duplicity who was behind Larry's murder cover-up. I went after The Cochran Firm because I believed you would be sensible enough to throw them under the bus, let them pay the damages, and be done. But noooooo. You don't believe black people deserve life unless you elite white supremacists say so; you don't believe that African Americans have any rights whatsoever, especially those who have mental illness like Larry. You eugenicist Nazis think elimination of blacks and mentally ill people of every race is your prerogative. You need to remember that depopulation meeting I recorded and get these Georgia dogs off my back. I had certain things I did not plan to release, but you force FULL RELEASE. ALL of the faces are visible. I don't know who all the people are, but I bet plenty of people will recognize them easily. Planning assassinations of journalists was one of the subjects -- remember? And you have certainly been doing that. Give this to prison investors in government, please.
I am so hurt for my elderly mama. Her dad was a slave boy who grew up to be a Methodist minister and raised her to love. She lived through the Jim Crow era, married and raised ten children. One was sick, and people whose children she nurtured killed her son. The government under a black administration refuses her justice. This really hurts, Mr. Obama. It infuriates me, but mostly, it hurts. "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" "Disappointment" does not adequately describe the pain over this lack of "change." Please don't hurt me for saying so.

Where to turn when your government oppresses and murders your sick child and denies accountability? Turn to Jesus, "Because He Lives." Amen. God Loves Justice, and MaryLovesJustice, too. Thank you, friends. #Pray for a Southern black family in captivity, and please share.

Send your Cochran Firm fraud reports to Mary Neal.
Down with CoIntelPro and blacks who are agents.

a/k/a MaryLovesJustice Neal
Website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
Sex Assault against Hattie Neal by CoIntelPro Agent
Website: Cochran Firm Fraud
Phone (678)531.0262 or (571)335-1741
"They" usually stop my calls from getting through. Sorry.

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MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

REALLY IRONIC. Since I published their plans to kill journalists on June 19, they also published the plans, according to reports:

Pentagon Legalizes Killing Journalists As ‘Law Of War’
The new “laws of war” were released as part of a book of instructions on legitimate warfare practices approved by the United States military.

By M. David for Counter Current News and
Jackson Marciana for Counter Current News | June 25, 2015