Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Shannon Nyamodi Tortured with Solitary Confinement to Force a Confession in Franklin County, NC

Solitary confinement is known to cause mental illness. It is being used in Franklin County, NC to force a confession from an innocent black youth who has been imprisoned for a year without trial for a crime that even his alleged victim said he did not do. TORTURE, CORRUPTION, AND RACISM IN FRANKLIN COUNTY, NC JUSTiCE SYSTEM ~ Franklin County Jail in NC prevents Shannon Nyamodi from receiving visitors and phone calls. He is under a GAG ORDER that is likely imposed without a court order. Hear about his torture on "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill" Blogtalkradio show January 1 at (818)572.2947 at 9pm Pacific or computer

Shannon is the black youth who helped a Caucasian woman when she was shot and was then charged for being the shooter because he was the only black man in the vicinity. His mother Elizabeth Crudup interviewed with "Human Rights for Prisoners March," my blogtalkradio show produced by NNIA and Dr. Floyd Harris Jr. Shannon's story went viral on the Internet. But Elizabeth Crudup has NOT been allowed to see her son to let him know that YOU know and YOU care about his being imprisoned a year without trial. The Franklin County Jail hurrdied and put Shannon Nyamodi in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT to tighten the screws and make the innocent youth sign a plea deal for a crime that even the victim said he did not do. Furthermore, Franklin County REFUSED at first to accept a Writ of Habeas Corpus for Shannon. This is something his attorney should have filed long ago if he were not a part of this railroading that is being done against a black youth, but after having received $30,000 from the family, the defense attorney turned his back on Shannon Nyamodi and does nothing to end his client's indefinite detention without a trial. This has continued for a year.

Now there is a Facebook page that is represented as being by the woman Shannon helped. Her daughter is in jail, sentenced for 2 years for working with other parties to have her mother shot. Both she band her daughter signed statements saying that SHANNON NYAMODI has nothing to do with this and was an innocent bystander who came to the woman's aid. Whomever put that Facebook page up misspelled the victim's name and seems to be trying to withdraw the victim's testimony that was in Shannon's favor. Could it be the sheriff has paid somebody to put up a Facebook page representing the victim? Have authorities promised an early release to the victim's daughter if they CHANGE their testimony and lie on Shannon? The victim said repeatedly on all records when she was initially shot that Shannon was not her shooter, but the corrupt Southern system seems to be trying to MAKE her change her testimony and keep Shannon Nyamodi in solitary confinement until they run the teen crazy to enforce him to lie on himself. Ms. Crudup said the real shooter is related to Franklin County's sheriff.

Ms. Elizabeth Crudup said she has been writing to me about Shannon being held in solitary confinement on Facebook as comments to my articles and posts about Shannon, but i did not see her comments. Internet companies can have fake views - what you see when you post is not necessarily seen by anyone other than you. Whether this is done BY the Internet companies or by NSA, I cannot say. I know this is true and have films to prove it. I typed using two computers and was signed in as myself on one computer but not the other. I entered data as myself. On the other computer I viewed my page and did not see the data that should be there. (You will see this proof next time I upload films at YouTube channel JKEMPP703 - my Internet cyberstalking film channel .

MaryLovesJustice Neal


MsLGee said...

Praying for Justice for sad how they are doing him...Solitary confinement? Stay strong Shannon... don't let them break u♥♡🙏

Unknown said...

Where can I find the evidence that the D A has to convince him...(A Convicted Felon HIMSELF) that he has the proof that he has a case against him? I have read and read...
I am sickened by what he is going through!

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Hello, MsLGee. Thanks for your comment. Hello, Sande Kirby. I don't understand your question. Shannon Nyamodi is NOT convinced the D.A. has a case to present against him at all. In fact, Shannon understands that he is deprived of a trial for this very reason - there is zero case against him. Thanks for your comments and questions. Blessings.


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