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Murderous Dramatization Starring Mary Neal Planned

YOU ARE INVITED to a hear special episode of "MaryLovesJustice" on NNIA1 at Blogtalkradio recorded on November 10, 2013, where I am on the air at 9pm Pacific Time every Sunday. I exposed what I feel is the latest endangerment that ensued after exposing the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal, my mentally, physically disabled brother, and my ongoing advocacy to decriminalize mental illness in the U.S.A.
The call-in number for all NNIA1 broadcasts is (818)572-2947. Rev. Edward Pinkney, who has a show where I also appear on Sundays, was prevented from seeing my telephone number on his call board for the weekly Blogtalkradio broadcast on November 10. Indeed, my phone call was likely redirected.

On November 8, a U.S. Marshal came to the Neal's home in DeKalb County, Georgia. The black U.S. Marshal showed us a picture of a young, black man who he said was suspected of robbing and shooting four people in Oklahoma - Navy servicemen. He said one was killed with an automatic assault weapon. The marshal reported that my near-neighbor was the killer's mother and that she was suspected of having gone to Oklahoma to remove her son to Georgia. He gave us a Crime Stoppers card and said that if we saw anything at that house, we should call the police immediately, because we might be awarded up to $2,000.  I asked him why he did not get a search warrant and search the woman's house if he suspected that a murderer was hiding there. I told him the woman actually worked undercover for the police (like many of my neighbors do), and he denied that. Curiously, the U.S. Marshal did not see fit to inform anyone else on our street about the suspected murderer living in this woman's house - only the Neal family.

Immediately after the U.S. Marshal left, the woman, who we had not seen for days, came out of her house, got her mail, and swept her driveway for 30 minutes. I had never seen her sweep her driveway before. The woman, who does not seem to have a job (other than to coordinate the citizens police watch on my house) usually has a lawn service come out and do all of her yard work. I believe we were supposed to run and call Crime Stoppers, desperate for the reward. We laughed. Obviously, THEY had devised a dramatization for the Neal family. We were intended to call the police and report that the woman was home. The police would come out and arrest the blonde-headed black woman who I long suspected is an undercover cop. Then her son, the suspected murderer from Oklahoma, would stage a home invasion and shoot the Neal family - especially Mary Neal. That may be a scenario that powers in high places had devised to MURDER my family for asking "WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL?" Sold-out media companies would then undoubtedly report that the Neals were killed in retaliation for reporting the woman who helped her murderous son escape from prosecution for the murder of a Navy serviceman in Oklahoma. As I wrote this article, I saw her speed away in her black Caddy. In fact, several of my suspected stalker neighbors just left. I suppose an emergency meeting is in order.

The U.S. Marshal told me not to tell anyone about the suspected murderer living in our neighbor's house - as though nobody else needed to know that the U.S. Government suspected that murderer was on our street - only the Neals. I called every human rights activist I knew and told them about the dramatization that had probably been concocted to kill my family within 30 minutes of the U.S. Marshal's visit. When I called the Rev. Pinkney Blogtalkradio show Sunday, November 10, I was not allowed to speak on the air. Rev. Pinkney said he did not see my phone number appear on his call-in board. Therefore, I suspected NSA or other stalkers stopped me from going on Blogtalkradio in order to prevent me from telling about their bosses' scheme to kill my family and me. Some of my regular readers might remember the photograph below:

It is a photograph from the article entitled "Letter to Mary Neal's Terrorists" at
The woman in this house seemed to follow me for months before I stopped driving and turned in my Nissan, which I loved. I was followed everywhere I went before I stopped driving in 2009 by up to four vehicles, one of which was usually a government vehicle. The woman moved into this house around the time that the Neals' lawsuit against The Cochran Firm frauds was wrongly dismissed by United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia, when Judge Timothy Batten ruled that whatever The Cochran Firm did to prevent justice for the Neal family was "immaterial" (February 2009). Much was done to terrorize my family to make us drop our justice quest throughout 2008 and ever since. I believe the grave pictured above, which was immediately dug in that woman's yard when she moved in, was a part of our terrorism. It remained in her front yard for over a year, until I went online and arranged a meeting at my house in connection with the "Tax Day Make Them Pay" demonstrations in 2011. Immediately after I arranged the meeting, a bulldozer came and leveled the grave. Obviously, terrorists did not want others to see the grave my family had to see every time we looked out of the window or went outside. That is the same house that supposedly had the suspected murderer from Oklahoma hiding inside, according to the black U.S. Marshal. Americans should stop being prejudice. Blacks and Whites have united against truth and justice for us all.


I think they devised a plan regarding how to get rid of Mary Neal
without it being made patently obvious that the human rights activist was killed for advocating for America's mentally ill population who are wrongly incarcerated for a common, treatable health condition and for asking for public records as to how and why Larry Neal was secretly arrested for 18 day in Memphis Shelby County Jail and murdered there in 2003, and NO GOVERNMENT AGENCY will answer our Freedom of Information Act requests and federal subpoenas for information related to that police kidnapping and murder of a mentally, physically disabled, harmless, middle age black AMERICAN CITIZEN.

They are sick of my telling about many murders of mentally challenged people of all races by police officers across America. They are sick of my telling the world about prison investors moonlighting as public officials and their many abuses against Americans who lack wealth - wrongful incarcerations, wrongful executions, denial of constitutional rights, and constant crimes against humanity. But they don't know that JESUS IS MY FORTRESS. He tells me what they plan before they do it. I suspected they planned a road accident when they would follow me continually, so I stopped driving. He instructed me years ago to film my followers and computer attacks, and I did. See some films at . They burglarized my house and stole all my original court files regarding Neals v. The Cochran Firm, and I suspect the same blonde-headed black woman who was in the Oklahoma scenario coordinated the theft, which DeKalb County Police never investigated, to my knowledge.

THEY sent an agent to my house to sexually assault my elderly mother on her hospital bed - another crime against the Neals that they refuse to investigate. They staged two road accidents against my son. They did retaliatory arrests of Larry Neal's young male relatives. They listen to every phone call the Neals receive or make and hang up the phone when we say something they do not want us to tell. They intercept phone calls and prevent incoming and outgoing phone calls at will. They steal my emails as they see fit. They follow me to the post office. They edit my articles and steal photographs and text according to their discretion. See empty spaces where there are missing photographs throughout "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog - I cannot stop attacks on my family. Neither can I stop mentally challenged people of all races from being wrongly arrested and imprisoned long-term for being sick in order to enrich prison investors. I certainly cannot make police in the United States stop fatally shooting and Tasering our most vulnerable citizens. All I can do is tell, and that I will.

I cannot force the Justice Department to stop covering up the kidnapping and murder of my brother, Larry Neal. A former district attorney in Wallacy County, Texas tried to hold top U.S. officials and judges responsible for covering up inmate abuses in his county in 2008, and you can see what happened to Juan Guerra. I cannot make the courts be fair to black people misrepresented by the treacherous (Johnnie) Cochran Firm. I cannot force the sold-out media companies to report the many lawsuits against The Cochran Firm that were filed since Johnnie's death, alleging fraud, malpractice, and racism. All I can do is ensure that these crimes are not done in secret. Therefore, on Sunday, November 10, after I was prevented from reporting the dramatization that was set up to attack the Neal family in DeKalb County, Georgia, I went online and taped the radio show at "Special MaryLovesJustice Broadcast" on November 10.

The next day when stalkers heard me awake in my house in the early afternoon, a caravan of 13 cars and trucks went to the woman's house and apparently conducted a search. I will post a photograph later. The vehicles were driven by mostly Caucasian men. They got rifles out of their back seats and trunks. A few put on bullet-proof vests with "U.S. Marshal" emblazoned across the back. Two men dressed as DeKalb County police officers were with them. As far as I could see, the police car was the only official vehicle in the caravan. They left about 30 minutes later without making any arrests. Several stories about this supposed robbery and murder of Navy personnel are online, mostly at police websites:
Crime Prevention Network
Tulsa Police at Twitter
Tulsa World
I wonder if DarrelleLydelleGoff is really related to the blonde-headed black woman who I strongly suspect is coordinator for my stalkers. I believe if this were authentic, there might be national news broadcasts, but many crimes go unreported. The secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal certainly did.

Edward Snowden revealed that every telephone call, email, and other Internet activity is under surveillance in the United States and much of the world by the National Security Agency (NSA). What most people do not know is that NDAA provides that NSA can conduct a cyberwar against our communication. The warfare against my communication pre-dates NDAA by a number of years. That is because I expose and oppose crimes against humanity in the United States of America, including the kidnapping and murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, and ongoing fraud by The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm to prevent justice for black and brown citizens across the nation. Free speech and freedom of press are fictitious in the USA for people who oppose the "status quo": mass incarceration, execution, criminalizing mental illness, police brutality, wrongful convictions, racism and class consciousness in the justice system.

Please see my November tweets to date, where despite much interference, I send messages to the world as @koffietime . From time to time, I re-publish my tweets in articles. The November tweets to date were published in MaryLovesJustice article called "A Tell-all by MaryLovesJustice Nov 10"

Saturday, November 16, 2013, MaryLovesJustice was on the YMP Magazine Radio Show at 9pm EST. The call-in number is 215.383.3998 for that broadcast. November 16 happens to be my mother's birthday. Hattie Neal was 91 years of age. She was 80 in 2003 when I took her to traitors at The (Johnnie) Cochran firm, which defrauded her and our family to help Memphis Shelby County Jail avoid accountability for Larry Neal's kidnapping and murder there in 2003. Unfortunately, she fell in the lobby of the building as we were hurried outside because of a fire alarm. As a result, arthritis set up in her hip and spread throughout her body, and she is in pain every day. Last December, she lost the ability to stand and walk. Of course, her discomfort is in vain, because The Cochran Firm is apparently a CoIntelPro operation set up to defraud black and brown people throughout the nation and thwart justice for its clients, particularly in cases against police and other entities under government protection, such as car companies. See "Mary Neal to Ramapough People re Cochran Firm Fraud"

After I published my radio show on November 10, a slowdown code was put on my Google+ page. It scrolls in jerks instead of a clean motion, which prevents people from seeing all of my posts and being able to read about the murders and false arrests that happen in America. You can get around the virus by clicking in a white space on the page and using your up and down arrows rather than scrolling normally. I noticed that the Google+ page of former Black Panther Party member Bobby Seale has the same problem.

These are evil times, and we have very evil people in charge in local and federal government positions. Who shall deliver us from the evil ones? In God I trust. Jesus said we are to OCCUPY until He comes. He said we are to speak and not be afraid. God's word says in Proverbs 31:8-9, "Speak for the poor and oppressed and everyone who is appointed to destruction." He gave us not the spirit of fear, but of faith and sound mind. He walks with me and talks with me - not audibly, but He instructs me on what to do about corrupt powers and principalities in high places. I challenge all Christians to obey God. I challenge all people who are interested in human and civil rights to stand against oppression that covers America like a heavy shroud. Ignore artificial divisions the oppressors devised to keep Americans from uniting for justice. No racial or party lines kept Congress from voting together to pass The Patriot Act or the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) with concentration camps for Americans included therein - funded for 2014 by nearly $600 billion of our own tax money. NDAA also has a section allowing for a cyberwar against the People - a war this soldier for the Lord has been fighting in for the last seven years, since I discovered there is no government agency, media company, or major human and civil rights organization willing to stand with me and demand open disclosure and justice regarding Larry Neal's secret arrest and police murder in this land of "liberty and justice for all."

See an article in this blog announcing our censored radio shows: "New Human Rights Blogtalkradio Shows"
THEY kept us off the airwaves on twice the week of Christmas 2013 to prevent our reports about African American youths being held in indefinite detention without trials. Authorities who lack the proof for convictions often hold black people indefinitely, and sometimes torture them, to force confessions and plea deals that surrender defendants' right to jury trials. That corruption is allowed to continue in the United States in order to induct more slaves into the prison industrial complex, but revelations about it are censored.

Thank you for your interest in justice as presented by Mary Neal, a layperson who works on behalf of human rights for all people, as the Word commands:

Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction. Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy. ~Proverbs 31:8-9

To obey God's Word, this Christian human rights advocate will publish a book revealing numerous crimes against humanity in the United States, including the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal and the persecution his family endures to censor and terrorize us to prevent disclosure. Learn more about my three books, including "Cochran Firm Fraud," in my "MaryLovesJustice" blog. They will be published during the first half of 2014, hopefully before sociopaths stage another dramatization - and even if they do. Pray for me, and please join us in the endeavor to give "ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL" (Heb. 13:3), (Matt.25:40). Please Google the name of our human rights advocacy organization. [Everybody who does not want to be in the book about MY LIFE should just stay out of it.]

Paragraph 1 repeated: YOU ARE INVITED to a hear special episode of "MaryLovesJustice" on NNIA1 at Blogtalkradio recorded on November 10, 2013, where I am on the air at 9pm Pacific Time every Sunday. I exposed what I feel is the latest endangerment that ensued after exposing the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal, my mentally, physically disabled brother, and my ongoing advocacy to decriminalize mental illness in the U.S.A.
The call-in number for all NNIA1 broadcasts is (818)572-2947. Rev. Edward Pinkney, who has a show where I also appear on Sundays, was prevented from seeing my telephone number on his call board for the weekly Blogtalkradio broadcast on November 10. Indeed, my phone call was likely redirected.

Sixteen(16) urls, one email address, and three(3) photographs are in this article by
Mary Neal


MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

More information about the reported Oklahoma murder and Goff is published in my Google Drive at this link:

Corruption and censorship are ungodly.

Northbay MDS said...

Having read about the targeted disruption of the radio broadcasts and other communications you utilize, I see similarities with our experience with the FM radio news program, websites, etc.

What we are observing is the techniques of disruption, and we are able to articulate them, and to share with the public.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Thanks for your comment, Northbay MDS. The best explanation for my computer and telephone takeovers came from Jacob Applebaum, an independent computer security researcher and ethicist who worked at the Univ. of Washington and Wikileaks and is/was a core member of the Tor Project. He published a video revealing NSA takeovers called "30c3: To Protect And Infect, Part 2" at the following YouTube url:

I think it is important for everyone to watch the video, especially people who have experienced disruptions in communication. I embedded Applebaum's video at an article in my "Justice Gagged" blog that is called "Occupy Silicon Valley April 4th" at this url:

Thanks again. I will TRY to visit your website.