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Special MaryLovesJustice Broadcast Nov. 10, 2013

YOU ARE INVITED to a special episode of "MaryLovesJustice" on NNIA1 at Blogtalkradio tonight, November 10, 2013, at 9:30pm Pacific Time. Join us by computer or hear the tape at
The call-in number for all NNIA1 broadcasts is (818)572-2947. Today, Rev. Edward Pinkney was prevented from seeing my telephone number on his call board for his weekly Sunday broadcast on Blogtalkradio. Indeed, my phone call may have been redirected.

On November 8, a U.S. Marshal came to the Neal's home in DeKalb County, Georgia. The black U.S. Marshal showed us a picture of a young, black man who he said was suspected of robbing and shooting four people in Oklahoma - Navy servicemen. He said one Navy man was killed. He said that my near-neighbor was the killer's mother and that she was suspected of having gone to Oklahoma to remove her son to Georgia. He gave us a Crime Stoppers card and said that if we saw anything at that house, we should call the police immediately, because there may be a reward in it for us up to $2,000.  I asked him why he did not get a search warrant and search the woman's house if he suspected that a murderer was hiding there. I told him the woman actually worked undercover for the police (like many of my neighbors do), and he denied that. Curiously, the U.S. Marshal did not see fit to inform anyone else on our street about the suspected murderer living in this woman's house - only the Neal family.

Immediately after the U.S. Marshal left, the woman, who we had not seen for days, came out of her house, got her mail, and swept her driveway for 30 minutes. I had never seen her sweep her driveway before. The woman, who does not seem to have a job (other than to coordinate the citizens police watch on my house) usually has a lawn service come out and do all of her yard work. I believe we were supposed to run and call Crime Stoppers, desperate for the reward. We laughed. Obviously, THEY had devised a dramatization for the Neal family. We were intended to call the police and report that the woman was home. The police would come out and arrest the blonde-headed black woman who I long suspected is an undercover cop. Then her son, the suspected murderer from Oklahoma, would stage a home invasion and shoot the Neal family - especially Mary Neal. That may be a scenario that powers in high places had devised to MURDER my family for asking "WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL?" Sold-out media companies would then undoubtedly report that the Neals were killed in retaliation for reporting the woman who helped her murderous son escape from prosecution for the murder of a Navy serviceman in Oklahoma.

The U.S. Marshal told me not to tell anyone about the suspected murderer living in our neighbor's house - as though nobody else needed to know that the U.S. Government knew a suspected murderer was on our street - only the Neals. I called every human rights activist I knew and told them about the dramatization that had been concocted to kill my family within 30 minutes of the U.S. Marshal's visit. When I called the Rev. Pinkney Blogtalkradio show Sunday, November 10, I was not allowed to speak on the air. Rev. Pinkney said he did not see my phone number appear on his call-in board. Therefore, I suspected NSA or other stalkers stopped me from going on Blogtalkradio in order to prevent me from telling about their bosses' scheme to kill my family and me. Some of my regular readers might remember the photograph below:

It is a photograph from the article entitled "Letter to Mary Neal's Terrorists" at
The woman in this house had seemed to follow me for months before I stopped driving and . . .

Full article is at this link: "Murderous Dramatization Starring Mary Neal"

Readers from Oklahoma who heard news broadcasts about someone robbing and killing Navy military personnel, please let me know. One would expect such news to be broadcast nationwide.
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Mary Neal

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The special MaryLovesJustice broadcast Revealing what causes these people to spend time and money to censor me is at this link. Thank you.