Tuesday, October 8, 2013


BLACK PEOPLE ARE ROADKILL. I conducted a search "Asian charged in NY bikers." There are numerous reports about the bikers who Asian Zimmerman ran over in his van being prosecuted for assaulting him, but NO REPORTS about Asian Zimmerman being charged for running over bikers, which prompted the bikers' attack on his person in the first place. Black and brown people are supposed to accept their positions as ROADKILL and must expect no criminal charges against their assailants. If no charges are brought against Asian Zimmerman, then a license for vehicular homicide against black/brown people has effectively been issued in New York, USA. NY justice officials are not the first white supremacists to issue a license to murder blacks.

The Good Ol' Boys Roundup was an annual whites only event run by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in southern Tennessee from 1980-1996. "Nigger hunting licenses" were sold by vendors (pictured below). (Wikipedia)

We discussed Asian Zimmerman's attack on the black and brown bikers and the media's racist slant on the situation during our October 7, 2013 broadcast of RealTalk1Dr at Blogtalkradio, which should be available in the archives at this link
"The irrational fear of Africans in America."

"Nigger Hunting License" sold at "The Good Ol' Boys Roundup," 
an event sponsored by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Enough said. 

See the film http://youtu.be/INfElroIKO0 . An Asian couple who were hurrying to celebrate their anniversary found themselves in traffic with bikers going to a rally. The SUV driver tried to kill the bikers. He was apparently afraid of being surrounded by black and brown people. The video is embedded below:

Vehicular Homicide of a Chinese two-year-old at YouTube video link http://youtu.be/SFjdMKJVkzQ . The child was run over repeatedly, and pedestrians ignored the dying child. See the video of the child's murder embedded below. Is this what American has become?


Without NSA censorship, this article should show four(4) links, two embedded videos, and one photo.

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