Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fakes Grandstand on Martin's Coffin

Many people grandstand on Trayvon Martin's coffin. I doubt if there will be any civil rights charges against Zimmerman. "Leaders" take this opportunity to make statements that will be widely quoted in the media and win public support WITHOUT actually doing a damn thing for black teens or their families. While you have their attention, demand JOBS, an end to mass incarceration and Stop & Frisk, immediate release of political prisoners, investigation and prosecution of murderous police officers, and a nationwide repeal of 'Stand Your Ground' laws. See what the plantation "heroes" in government and civil rights say to those demands.

It is time for The People to stop letting the media and government pick our battles. We are very concerned about justice for Trayvon Martin, but his murder is symptomatic of systemic racism that negatively impacts blacks on many fronts that will not be addressed merely by levying federal charges against Zimmerman. Demand changes that will help safeguard living Trayvon Martins throughout America.

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