Friday, April 5, 2013

Beverly Hall Prosecution v. The Cochran Firm's Allowed Frauds

GEORGIA will prosecute former Atlanta Public Schools superintendent Beverly Hall (pictured) and 34 other educators who allegedly committed fraud by changing students' scores on standardized tests, which was supposedly done to earn bonuses. But officials do nothing about The Cochran Firm fraud, which was done to hide a government lynching, and continuous crimes that are committed to stop disclosure. 

The racketeering now includes four home invasions. The latest one happened on April 1, when a woman arrived at the Neals' home and presented herself as being a nurse for Hattie Neal. The impostor may have come to hide a surveillance camera, drugs, a time bomb, or to release deadly toxins in our home. I will certainly attend the educators' trials to let them and their attorneys know that THEY ARE BEING PROSECUTED BY FRAUDS who apparently care zero about justice, and the story of their prosecution will be reported by FRAUDS posing as journalists in a country with a free and unbiased press. (Twelve paragraphs, two videos, and thirteen links are in this article.)

Criminals in government, the judiciary, and The Cochran Firm combined their collective power to suppress disclosure and justice for the Neals regarding the 2003 secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal, a mentally, physically disabled Memphis man. Since serving suit on The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm, which defrauded our family to protect Shelby County Jail, the Neal family has been subjected to censorship, continuous surveillance, gangstalking, and kangaroo court processes that falsely determined there is no Cochran Firm office within the State of Georgia and that justice for the Neals is "immaterial." The prison industrial complex, which they serve, presently awaits educated blacks, former educators, to supply prison labor for jobs that were removed from persons who earn at least minimum wage and benefits.

Hattie Neal, who was Larry Neal's mother and a plaintiff against The Cochran Firm, is 90 years old and was recently put on a home health care program that provides physical therapists and an aid to help her regain her mobility. Hattie Neal fell in The Cochran Firm's lobby of the Memphis office on the very day that she signed contract with those FRAUDS to represent the family in a wrongful death civil action against Memphis Shelby County Jail. Since that fall when she was 81, Hattie Neal has suffered continual pain and experienced gradual loss of muscle strength, particularly in her legs and thighs. Memphis is the city that recently hosted a KuKluxKlan rally while refusing to grant anti-Klan rally organizers a permit to exercise their First Amendment rights.

A black woman posing as a nurse, with an accent that sounded either African or like an Islander (which may have been contrived), presented herself at the Neals' home on April Fools Day, and just like a fool I admitted her without checking with the home health agency or demanding identification to ensure her identity. She was driving a navy blue van, which she seemed unfamiliar with driving. I watched as she tried for almost five minutes before successfully parking the vehicle under the same tree where the fake police officer parked last August and the fake computer repair person parked in 2010. She took Mama's blood pressure and temperature and said she was sent to change the bandage on Mama's hip. I told the woman that Mama did not have a dressing on her hip. The stalkers likely knew that Mama has a sore hip from listening to telephone conversations at our home. Our phone calls have been monitored and controlled for years, and law enforcement refuses to address the surveillance or the takeover of my computers. Neither our doctor nor the home health company have any record of the impostor's visit, and both deny sending a nurse to visit Hattie Neal. The impostor was alone with Hattie Neal in her room for approximately fifteen minutes. The Neals must now purchase anti-surveillance equipment to sweep for any hidden cameras or listening devices the impostor may have installed and search thoroughly for drugs and bombs. Pray that she did not spread toxins in our home to murder us. I developed a cold the day after her invasion.

Last summer, a surveillance agent started dating my adult son in order to facilitate a burglary. She got her chance on August 11, 2012, when my son was offered a job for an evening when he had picked her up to watch movies. We are financially persecuted for reporting the secret lynching of Larry Neal, and most calls from potential employers are prevented, so he was anxious to work. He asked if he could leave the young woman and work overnight, and I agreed. At 3:30 a.m., my adult daughter discovered our front door was open. I discovered later that two boxes of my original court records regarding Neals v. The Cochran Firm were the only items that burglars had removed, including evidence which judges had wrongly prevented from being presented to a jury. But criminals still worry because they only got the hard copies, and they want tapes, discs, and flash drives. Then they would likely feel confident enough to Change the records in Georgia Superior Court and United States District Court that give evidence to the unjust treatment the Neal family received there in order to prevent public disclosure about The Cochran Firm's fraud that was used to hide a covered-up lynching in Memphis Shelby County Jail. Article continues after the two embedded videos regarding The Cochran Firm fraud - this writer's interview (on two videos) with Bill Windsor, producer of "Lawless America - The Movie."

Mary Neal's testimony to Bill Windsor Tape 1 of 2

Mary Neal's testimony to Bill Windsor Tape 2 of 2

Murderers, accessories to murder after the fact, gangstalkers, and the Internet censorship force have suppressed public disclosure and accountability for Larry Neal's murder, which happened after three weeks of secret incarceration, for nearly ten years. The United States Department of Justice, a gangster organization, apparently promised Larry's murderers and cover-up team (which includes high officials in Shelby County Government) that nothing would be done to investigate his death or to bring justice regarding Larry's lynching and crimes against his family. Therefore, I report the crimes to the general public via the Internet in hopes that the limited disclosure I give via online services will keep my family safe at least until the illusion of liberty and justice for all is also murdered in the United States of America.

We must warn former teachers and administrators of Atlanta Public Schools that they are being tried for fraud in racist courts that view them as future black slaves for the prison industrial complex after stripping them of retirement funds and their savings for attorneys' fees. Their prosecution will be broadcast by media companies that expound on the educators' fraud allegations but refuse to report that The Cochran Firm was allowed to perjure itself in Georgia courts, saying it has no law offices whatsoever within the State of Georgia or the City of Memphis (in order to have judges wrongly dismiss the Neals' lawsuits). Their cases are being tried in a state that still has separate high school proms for black and white students. The defendants' lawyers must be put on notice that they may become targets for harassment and their computers may be monitored to plan the prosecutors' cases. My cyber stalkers continually sabotaged pleadings I wrote in the Neals v. The Cochran Firm cases, Georgia Superior Court supposedly lost an important pleading, and the computer takeovers have continued since the courts' wrongful dismissals to prevent reports to the public and impede advocacy for others who are denied justice. Law enforcement pretends that cyberstalking is not illegal. In person reports to the public about The Cochran Firm fraud are disallowed by Atlanta Police Department, which threatened to Taser and arrest me for telling.

FRAUD in the USA is only allowed for banks executives, lawyers for the corrupt system, and other "connected" people who are perceived as being "too big to fall." Black teachers and administrators, on the other hand, are eligible for prosecution and sentencing, and the world is poised to enjoy the process via zealous media reporting. The media cameras may not show outdoor scenes of the courthouse. I may be there with my sign that says, "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" on one side and "Cochran Firm Fraud" on the other. I called the DeKalb County Police Department at 2:52pm on April 4 (the 45th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination) to report the Neal family's latest home invasion by a woman posing as a nurse for elderly Hattie Neal. We await a call back from an officer who is to take the information and enter a police report. This article will be updated as the case develops. 

Pray for us who live in the Metro Atlanta area, where elderly black women like Hattie Neal are tended by impostors, a 92-year-old black woman, Kathryn Johnston, was killed by police home invaders, and another elderly woman, Beverly L. Hall, may be sentenced to die behind bars. She and others are fully exploited in a system where criminal prosecution depends on one's race and class. See more information about Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder, The Cochran Firm fraud, and censorship to prevent disclosure by reviewing data at the eleven(11) links below reporting the uncompromising truth about this racist, class conscious injustice system, where indefinite concentration camp detainment and assassinations are done to Americans without criminal charges or trials.

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Google "Cochran Firm Fraud" and Google "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill" for more information. Thank you for your interest in promoting open disclosure and justice by sharing this article. Demand that media companies report news that promotes fairness for suppressed blacks rather than limiting itself to reports that generate more prison slaves. (Twelve paragraphs, two videos, and thirteen links are in this article.)

NOTE: The red truck returned to the house across the street, and I began experiencing major problems publishing at this blog. Please see also the next article to compare for discrepancies. The comments in the next blog also carry this article. It takes repetition to expose and oppose oppression in the USA. It is now 12:50 a.m., and no police officer called back thus far regarding our latest home invasion. Circumstances such as those in this article account for why this writer Changed her stance regarding gun ownership. Obviously, it is necessary for all people to position themselves to take care of their own security.


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I grow so weary of thieves, liars, impostors, the censorship team, murderers, and stalkers. Now they endanger my mother by sending fake nurses. If any readers can suggest remedy for these circumstances in Georgia, please let us know. Thank you.

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