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Edwina Davis Must Survive Cochran Firm Fraud

(16 links, 12 numbered paragraphs, 1 embedded video) November 2011 Note: The lawyer who opposes The Cochran Firm for its many defrauded clients since Johnnie Cochran's death will do well. I keep finding them everywhere.  See:  Exposed: The Cochran Firm Fraud:

Planning an extraordinary settlement/judgment re The Cochran Firm CoIntelPro Fraud against blacks The Cochran Firm defrauded the Andersons - the Jacksons and the Ramapough People . They defrauded many other clients besides my elderly mother, which fraud was done to hide the secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal -

3.  A woman read one of my articles about The Cochran Firm fraud against Kathryn Johnston's family and called me to arrange to go public about her victimization and terrorism that is similar to what I experience. She claims not only to be a victim of Cochran Firm Fraud, but says she is also gangstalked and terrorized like my family since complaining to her former attorney about poor legal services. Edwina and I became friends on the phone.  We have been through such similar horrors.  She and I talked several times and plan to meet to videotape her testimony. Yesterday I decided to do an online check regarding her attorney and call her right back. But when I called four minutes later to report that her former attorney, Mickile Pete, is no longer an attorney at all (retired at 46) and is being sued for defrauding the Andersons in Kentucky (see the link above), Edwina's phone said, "The number you dialed cannot be reached." [March 2012 update: I reported to the police and the public on Twitter. Finally, Edwina called from another number. Her home phone was taken over after we talked and she could not use it for two weeks! When we met, Edwina made this video  "EDWINA DAVIS COCHRAN FIRM FRUAD -tape 1 of 10] See embedded video below:

4.  I immediately reported to the police in my county and Edwina's that she may be in danger, since stalkers listen on my phone.  The stalkers know this woman wants to expose her Cochran Firm fraud in an online video and through my Exposed blog. Police could not get through to her number either, but they should be able to use the reverse directory and get her address. I have also been tweeting to the @SupremeCourtRep about Edwina and other Cochran Firm frauds at Twitter, where I am @koffietime. Use this link to access my Twitter page  - Hackers do not allow me to have a working "follow me at Twitter" button on my blogs. I made reports about my stalking and cyberterror to police, but they REFUSE to help. That is why I count my paragraphs and links - censorship. This article has 15 links and 12 numbered paragraphs. (I am a black woman in Georgia, where black and white students had separate proms and Troy Davis was just killed without proof of guilt).

5.  I did not ask Edwina for her address, because I did not want my phone stalkers to hear it in case they did not already know where she lives. Maybe we got assigned different stalkers, and they might double-team on her.  The stalkers listen to every phone conversation in our home, block calls at will, and delete my phone messages before I can hear them if they are from potential employers, lawyers, publishers, agents, human rights advocates or organizations, etc. When I went to Atlanta's final Troy Davis rally, I talked with numerous people who said they had tried to call me repeatedly. I met with one woman who has a local television show whose number I am blocked from calling from my home phone. The lying message said that her number was disconnected, and my phone told her the same! I wrote about her in my article, "Justice Gagged re Political Prisoners" at this link in my most censored blog, Justice Gagged:

6.  Pray for Cochran Firm fraud victims. The media and consumer protection agencies refuse to warn black people, attorneys seem afraid of them, perhaps because they are government agents against minorities in America - CoIntelPro. The Cochran Firm lawyers keep defrauding African Americans coast to coast. In fact, I think they were recently promoted to defraud whites in the BP Gulf Coast oil spill litigation and the Johnson & Johnson DePuy implant litigation.  Judges assigned Cochran Firm attorneys to important positions despite how the firm treats its clients.  See more about the decline of whites in America in my HubPages article, FOOD STAMP SLAVE REPARATIONS at this link -

7.  Give up, Pharisees, and don't hurt Edwinna. Eventually everyone will know about The Cochran Firm CoIntelPro fraud even without reading about the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, because the unethical lawyers keep doing frauds against minorities in America to help government entities and certain corporations. Numerous lawsuits are pending against The Cochran Firm gangsters, including Andersons v. Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk and Jacksons v. Cochran, et al. There are enough defrauded clients just in the Atlanta area to form a class and go after them for RACKETEERING. Not all judges are hypnotized (or whatever) like in Georgia. Black magic or "PSYOPS" did not work on the Kentucky Appellate Court. 

8.  I already reported what The Cochran Firm did to the family of 92-year-old Atlanta police victim, Kathryn Johnston, in numerous articles (Google "Mary Neal Kathryn Johnston), but did you know the family recently had more trouble? The Cochran Firm apparently wanted to hide from the camera, so a spokesman who was introduced as "a friend of the family" talked whenever there were press conferences. See "Markel Hutchins suing Kathryn Johnston estate for nearly $500,000"  .  I knew Kathryn Johnston's family needed to watch out for that "spokesman" when I saw he was connected with another Cochran Firm Fraud - Corey Ward's family.  See the story here:  "Corey Ward, Police and Cochran Firm Victim" at this link - . Some of the attorneys and other men at The Cochran Firm are attractive to their clients. As I understand from Edwina, their charms help them defraud some. I hope that did not happen to Ms. Dozier, Kathryn Johnston's niece, because they got her family for a good deal of money already and are coming back for more, apparently. Mr. Hutchins, leave Ms. Dozier alone, you hustler! You evidently work for The Cochran Firm, or you would not be the "spokesman" for so many of their fraudulent cases in and around Atlanta - all the way back to 2002. She already paid The Firm for their unethical misrepresentation WHICH WE WILL MAKE SURE SHE KNOWS ABOUT BEFORE THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS IS UP TO SUE THE FIRM. Is your lawsuit scheduled to go before Judge Wendy Shoob, Judge Marvin Shoob, or Judge Timothy Batten. Have you ever heard of the RICO Act?

9.  At the Corey Ward article regarding the 2002 Atlanta police-involved shooting death, I wrote a comment a year ago within the CounterPunch article it contains: Rev. Markel Hutchins**, national president and CEO of the National Youth Connection, opined at an August 3 rally that these incidents are representative of a justice system that would "rather lock young black America up than lift them up," contending that "if the Atlanta Police Department had done their job and taken R. S. Bunn off the street in 2000, Corey Ward would be here today." Unfortunately, the case of Corey Ward appears symptomatic of a police department too willing to use deadly force.  [NOTE BY MARY NEAL 11/2010:  Beware of Markel Hutchin's interest in cases regarding police violence against minorities.  Watch for possible attorney fraud against plaintiffs in civil actions that ensue.] Lawyers probably sweep their office for bugs when I write my articles, thinking, "How can she know this, especially in advance?"  As I reported at my Facebook page this week, it's supernatural. When one is connected with the Most High God, the Holy Spirit leads. And perhaps like most criminals, you are not as smart as you believe. You proved that by your defense when my mother and I sued The Cochran Firm: "If you have no defense, just say you don't exist." 

10.  The media usually reports lawsuits against well-known people and companies (like Bishop Long and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church), and consumer protection agencies are supposed to warn the public about companies with dubious business practices. But the New World Order works together to shield The CoIntelPro Cochran Firm. Plaintiffs in lawsuits against The Cochran Firm alleging fraud since Johnnie Cochran's untimely death when his name and legacy started being misused include: the Neals, the Jacksons, Martinez, the Andersons, and The Firm's former partners Chapman-Holley and Julian Bolton, to name a few. Hopefully, Sarah Dozier and the Ramapough People (an African/Native American tribe The Cochran Firm defrauded to help Ford) will also sue The Cochran Firm. Courts cannot help the devious lawyers escape all its law suits forever. The latest Cochran Firm fraud that came to my attention was the Mann v. Ford case. The Cochran Firm Defrauds Native Americans to Save Ford 


12.  Asking for prayer for Edwina, I am Mary Neal - Website     Chairperson of the Davis/MacPhail Truth Committee  Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI)

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