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Atlanta MARTA Police Killed Black Teen

(3 videos embedded, 13 links)  Exactly one week before the 16th annual National Day to Protest Police Brutality, an officer with the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority ("MARTA") killed 19-year-old Joetavious Stafford at Vine City Train Station in an Oscar Grant-style shooting.  No video was released for the shooting, but Rodney Stafford, the victim's brother, gave a description of what happened. See his account in the excerpt from a news report below:

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Stafford “was killed when police responded to a gunshot during a fight, MARTA officials said. Rodney Stafford told Channel 2 Action News that his brother was shot after he raised his hands…MARTA officials said Joetavious Stafford was armed, but they refused to answer whether he was shot in the back or while on the ground. Rodney Stafford disputed the claim that his brother was armed.”
Rodney Stafford told Channel 2 Action News his sibling was involved in a melee when a shot was fired by somebody in the crowd. He contends Waldo ran toward the fight and shot his brother after he halted.  “My brother threw his hands up. MARTA police shot him in the back. Pow,” Stafford told Channel 2. “And my brother lying on the ground, just looking at me and I was looking at his gunshot wound. As I’m looking at that, MARTA police shot him two more times in the back.”
 MARTA sent condolences to Stafford's family and announced that it believes the teens' death was justified.  Whenever police kill people, it is usual for such killings to be called justified.  Police ordinarily plead self-defense and/or cover-ups are attempted. The 11Alive link below carries information on Stafford's autopsy report:

Embedded below is a video displaying police brutality in America (warning: violent content):  POLICE BRUTALITY - WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER at this link:

It is important for Americans to object to Senate Bill 968, the IP Protection Act, a/k/a "Internet Censorship Bill."  The bill would put the Internet under the U.S. Justice Department and give government officials the right to control browsers, redirect links, prevent postings, and remove websites as it sees fit.  It is reasonable for everyone, especially artists, to want their intellectual property protected, but S.968 provides to much opportunity for our First Amendment rights to be violated regarding any reports the government wants stifled.  Human rights advocacy online might become impossible if S.968 is passed.  Videos depicting police brutality like the one above and films showing Oscar Grant's murder by San Francisco B.A.R.T. officers expose offenses that officials would conspire to hide if not for citizens media, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, individual websites, personal blogs, and numerous online independent news companies.  On January 1, 2009, several police officers held 22-year-old Oscar Grant face-down on a train platform while another officer straddled the unarmed man and delivered a bullet to his back.  Johannes Mehserle was prosecuted and imprisoned for 11 months for manslaughter after much public outcry.  He was the first California officer to ever be prosecuted for a citizen's death, and he served less time than Michael Vick did for killing dogs.  The video is embedded below and is available at YouTube at this link:  - His short sentence proves that minorities in America are deemed unworthy of DOG JUSTICE.

Grant's murder was captured on video by numerous commuters who witnessed the tragedy.  Police tried to retrieve cellphones from commuters who filmed Grant's death, but they were unable to get them all.  Therefore, the standard police excuse of self-defense did not work. The explanation did not ring true that the officer thought he was shooting Grant with a Taser instead of live ammo.  Oscar Grant was a 22-year-old father who worked two jobs.  He and friends were on their way home after celebrating on New Year's Eve 2008. Grant was the first unarmed black person to be killed by police in 2009, but more followed every year.  Without a doubt, some shootings by police officers are justified, but the video of Grant's murder shows he was completely surrendered, sitting against the wall of the train station with his hands in the air before being handcuffed and executed by psychopaths in uniform.  This is what Joetavious Stafford's brother claimed happened in his shooting also - an unarmed, surrendered young man was shot needlessly.  In the absence of any video release by MARTA to dispute Rodney Stafford's eyewitness report, I am inclined to believe Stafford was murdered like Grant.  Perhaps Stafford's murder was worse than Grant's because the teen was shot twice more as he lay twitching and bleeding on the ground while his terrified brother looked on.

I entreat MARTA to release the video that shows the "justified shooting," so we can lay aside suspicion of a cover-up such as happened in the secret arrest and WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL, my mentally, physically disabled brother who Memphis Police arrested in 2003 and kept him secretly incarcerated for 18 days until he died under circumstances that neither the jail nor the United States Department of Justice will disclose.  See .  The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm (under new management) contracted with my family to represent Larry's family a wrongful death lawsuit against Shelby County Jail the day after Larry's burial.  But the law firm actually worked with police behind the Neals' backs to hold the case secretly inactive and allow the Tennessee statute of limitations to pass.  Murders that the system cannot explain except to admit that BLACK PEOPLE AND POOR WHITES HAVE NO RECOGNIZED RIGHT TO LIFE IN AMERICA are swept under the rug like Larry's was.  Censorship and terrorism is used against my family because we persist in seeking justice after Larry's government murder cover-up. Hiding the kidnapping and murder of this middle-aged, handicapped black man who was arrested for irritating police with loud singing is America's biggest conspiracy since the assassination of JFK.  CoIntelPro attacks against Larry's survivors began after we sued The Cochran Firm.  They continue eight years later because we refuse to pretend Larry never existed. See the video embedded below, which is also at YouTube link  - It is particularly disheartening to consider how many people involved in Larry's murder cover-up and his family's censorship and terrorism are black officials and people who claim to be Christians.  Please see the video about my terrorism posted below - Clip0038 at my YouTube Channel JKEMPP703, where many more videos are posted about our censorship and terrorism.  

For more reports about police brutality in America, please visit Stolen website at this link: and visit October 22 online.  Right now hackers prevent me from posting that link for your use.  They take control over any computer I use in my home and actually send in-person stalkers to follow me to the public library or computer rental locales because the government does not want you to know that Washington works with local governments like Memphis Shelby County Government to cover-up black people's murders.  Learn more about that in my FreeSpeakBlog at and by browsing online for the term COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD for more videos and articles.

Our condolences to Joetavious Stafford's family and friends.  Police officers are rarely prosecuted for murdering citizens.  Even if they are indicted, Georgia officers may be allowed to avoid trial.  In fact, Georgia passed a law in 2006 stating that when police officers claim self-defense, a judge can dismiss the murder case without any hearing or jury trial. I have no doubt that law will only be used for deaths such as Staffords - black working class or poor victims.  The unjust law was already used in 2010 to dismiss a felony murder indictment against the former police officer who killed Cory Ward in 2002.  See information about it at this link:  COREY WARD - POLICE AND COCHRAN FIRM VICTIM

For we are sold, I and my people, to be destroyed, to be slain, and to perish. ~Esther 7:4

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