Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sandra Bland: Say Her Name

Killings of blacks in custody were made popular by the successful cover-up (so far) of the "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" police kidnapping and murder case. Here's the latest: Sandra Bland was killed in Waller County, Texas after the recent college grad underwent a traffic stop and was arrested for "assault on a police officer."

Twenty eight-year-old Sandra Bland was a 2008 graduate of the Prairie View A&M University in Texas. Last week, she returned to her alma mater to interview for a job in student outreach and, and according to Heavy, she was scheduled to start work there on July 15. But on Friday, she was stopped by Waller Country police for a minor traffic violation. She was arrested and booked. The video of her arrest, however, does not record the young woman assaulting a police officer. Instead, we see Sandra lying on the ground with a police officer riding her back. (Read articles about her arrest and death at Heavy, Huffington Post, and Ebony, if they let you.) Bland was found hanging in her cell when an officer says she went to see if Bland needed some exercise on Monday. News sources report that Bland was scheduled for jail release Monday. It is therefore unlikely that an officer would offer her exercise. The public is being told that the young woman committed suicide, but there is widespread doubt. See the video of her arrest at YouTube and embedded below.

The link to Bland's story in Ebony Magazine was not allowed to be operational at Facebook. As you may know, "they" bought Ebony years ago.

Sandra Bland’s Loved Ones Want to Know How a Routine Traffic Stop Led to Her Death by Hanging in a Waller County, Texas Jail Cell

The USA is experiencing an increase in in-custody deaths, since police have body cameras and so do commuters and pedestrians, and more African American women are being killed by police lately. Some people believe that U.S. Congress declared an open season on Black women when it stood and applauded the police execution of Mariam Carey, an unarmed young woman who was driving her small child near the White House and accidentally bumped a barricade. She was called the "White House Gatecrasher" although her car never touched the White House gates. The car's bump against the barricade was so minor that her airbag did not deploy, and neither was there much damage to her car's front end. Police immediately started chasing and shooting at the young mother until they finally stopped her car, removed her baby from the backseat, then assassinated Carey. Police were not prosecuted; they were celebrated. That began a very deadly cycle of Black women being assaulted and killed by police. See her car and how she was portrayed in the media at the link below to an article by Daily Mail. Whites later went on the grounds and even into the White House illegally, but none were harmed and certainly not killed.

Mariam Carey was said to be mentally ill, and Sandra Bland was said to be depressed. American police and officials excuse crimes by calling citizens "crazy," because it was decided at some point that killing people with mental disabilities without cause is OK. ‪#‎SayHerName‬

Advocacy article for human rights by
MaryLovesJustice Neal
Website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

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