Tuesday, July 14, 2015

FTC, FCC, BBB and racist media ignore USDC's ruling that The Cochran Firm is NOT a Law Firm

The Cochran Firm Fraud, by Mary Neal 

The FCC must help Americans 

Avoid malpractice and FRAUD

Make The Cochran Firm remove its ads
Its promises are mostly VOID

“It’s not a law firm,” federal court declared
After very careful review
“Stop defrauding the public right now,” I say
“Your day of reckoning is due”

“We might appeal the Court’s decision
To judges who’ve helped us before
California Supreme Court cheers our frauds
We’ll trick Black people much more!

Supreme Court gave us victory in 'Hadley'
When we switched that signature page
Sent that class of Niggers packin’
With nothing but small change!

Yes, we work behind clients’ backs
Protecting Big Business and cops
We love defrauding Black people
Their upward mobility we stop!

Johnnie Cochran thought Black lives matter
Had the darkies thinking that, too
Now we use his name to trick them
And withhold justice when it's due"

Media companies are completely silent about the Court' decision. The National Law Journal published an article announcing the federal court's pending decision in November 2014, but I could find no followup article when the court issued its decision that The Cochran Firm is NOT a law firm on May 12, 2015. Apparently, the FCC, FTC, and media companies plan for African Americans to continue to be victimized by The Cochran Firm, which runs ads for legal clients, disregarding the fact that it was declared by federal court not to be a law firm, and nobody is telling the potential victims. This is racism.

If the federal court's decision is appealed, CA Supreme Court will have another opportunity to help The Cochran Firm escape justice. The CA Supreme Court Refused to Hear the Plaintiffs' Case in "Hadley, et al. vs. The Cochran Firm" When The Cochran Firm Switched the Signature Page from a Mediation Agreement and Affixed it to a Settlement Agreement Its Clients Had Never Seen or Heard About. When the Devious Lawyers Settled the African Americans' Lawsuit Against Their Employer for Less Than the Racial Discrimination Case Was Worth, CA Supreme Court Upheld The Cochran Firm in Its Legal Malpractice, Fraud, and Racism by Refusing to Hear the Case.

[Since publishing this article, I learned that The Cochran Firm frauds appealed USDC's decision to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Use the side scroll bar to get to the end of the poll and vote, please. 

The operating system in my computer was destroyed on July 3, probably because I exposed the federal court's decision regarding The Cochran Firm's failure to meet the standard to be called a law firm. This is the most elaborate plot against justice for African Americans since CoIntelPro supposedly ended in the 1970's - misusing Johnnie Cochran's name and reputation to defraud deliberately uninformed legal consumers throughout America. The overwhelming majority of The Cochran Firm's clients are African Americans; therefore, the so-called law firm's racketeering is being allowed to continue unreported by media companies and without censure by the FCC, FTC, and BBB. Culprits have destroyed 10 computers of mine within 10 years. Time the one-year warranties expire, they pounce. The latest computer destruction caught me at a financially vulnerable point, and I require your help.

You can help Justice by contributing to our fundraiser for a new computer and phone service three ways:
a) GoFundMe at at http://gofundme.com/ys9shks >
b) Send PayPal donations to MaryLovesJustice@gmail.com
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Notice that Eric Garner's family was awarded $5.9 million for his wrongful death by police, whereas John Crawford, III, whose survivors were represented by The Cochran Firm Frauds, demanded only $75,000. Garner was committing a misdemeanor by selling loose cigarettes and was heard on video arguing with police before his murder by choke hold. Crawford, on the other hand, was simply shopping and talking on his cellphone in an Ohio Walmart store, breaking no laws whatsoever. The difference is that one man's survivors were represented by real lawyers, and Crawford's family was defrauded by The Cochran Firm like mine was. Crawford's girlfriend was killed on January 1, 2015, when the car she and her driver were in suddenly accelerated to a high speed. The car may have been hacked. Some people who seem interested in enabling The Cochran Firm fraud are excellent hackers, which is why I need new computer equipment. The young woman had her own attorney separate from Crawford's family.

I just called the governor's office
and was transferred to an administrator who said I should call Lee May's office, the DeKalb County CEO - another black man. I spoke with a woman who identified herself as Ava Bishop. She said DeKalb County Police Department cannot enforce the law regarding people breaking into my computer and tampering with my phone.

"Those are federal laws," she said. "You have to call the feds."

I told her those are also state laws being broken. There are state laws against every crime. She said, "Well, we have no way to enforce them."

That was another lie, I believe. I then told her that police came to my home and told me not to tell officials about their refusal to investigate my crime reports, including the IP addresses I gave them that identified where the computer attacks originated. They threatened me not to tell their superiors about the matter - a direct violation of my First Amendment rights. She gave me the phone number for the DeKalb County Sherrif's office. I believe this is a matter for the police commissioner and GBI, not the sheriff. If Georgia has laws on the books but offers no enforcement unless and until the crimes impact white people, that is an issue that all citizens should know about and address.

Confederates in Georgia and throughout this nation applaud The Cochran Firm's many frauds against black families after wrongful deaths by police and catastrophic injuries caused by Big Business, but they might as well abandon their efforts to keep the frauds secret. See a list of its defrauded clients, former lawyers, and a partnering law firm at
"Beware of Treacherous lawyers: The Cochran Firm"

FCC, FTC, and BBB might choose to ignore the fact that The Cochran Firm has been declared not a law firm by a federal court, but this victimized, marginalized black woman will continue to do everything in my power to save other families from being defrauded by a bunch of white supremacists hiding behind Johnnie Cochran's ghost. Those agencies that are paid taxpayers' money to protect consumers from frauds like The Cochran Firm must be given the incentive to do their jobs and stop the false advertising of this non-law firm. The Cochran Firm should not be eligible for recommendation as a law firm by any state bars or legal referral services, and it should have been ineligible for TV ads, Internet ads, and any other false advertising effective May 12, 2015.

What good is it to remove the Confederate flag from government buildings while this country still operates under the CoIntelPro mandate to "keep wealth from black hands" and "protect the status quo"? BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Advocacy article for human rights by
MaryLovesJustice Neal

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